July 12, 2007

Sheldon Souray Sucks

Sheldon Souray has signed a long term contract with the Edmonton Oilers. Really, he did. Edmonton actually got someone to agree to come to their team. But it doesn't matter, because Sheldon Souray sucks.

Souray was the last of the "big name" free agents left on the NHL's open market. Rumour had it that he was going out west, to Los Angeles or San Jose, but TSN is reporting that Souray has signed on long term with Edmonton, the Siberia of the NHL.
Nobody wants to go there. Well, that's not true. Hockey players don't mind playing there, it's their wives who have the problem. Edmonton is called Deadmonton for a reason. As a recenty study has shown us, women run shit. So free agents and their families are steering clear of Oil Country.

I'm sure the Oilers and their fans are going to be all pumped up about this signing, and although I don't know the terms of the contract - they were not disclosed - I am 110% sure that Souray is now grossly overpaid.

Sheldon Souray is the NHL's version of a pylon. He can't skate very well, isn't a great passer and is absolutely atrocious defensively. He had one good season - last year, which happened to be a contract year. Souray was -28 last year with the Canadiens, one of the worst plus/minus statistics in the entire league. He's a defenseman, but he's not so good with the whole defense thing.

The only thing he can do is shoot the puck. Better than anyone. In the whole league. That's it. Sure, it's nice to have a great shot, but at what cost to the team's defense? He's a power play specialist, and prior to last season had never put up more than 39 points.

Mention the name Sheldon Souray to hockey enthusiasts and it will conjure up memories of Jason Spezza deking the jock strap off Souray one-on-one and then proceeding to score the game winning goal, in overtime no less. This guy has been posterized by a bunch of players.

Sheldon Souray sucks, and is definitely the NHL's newest, most-overrated multi-millionaire.


Forty said...

Nav, how do you really feel about this guy????