November 01, 2010


From Monday's Globe and Mail:

"I have no problem with any concern the [Blue Jays] might have that I could repeat again. If I have to play another year under arbitration, I’ll do it again. Maybe I won’t hit 54 homers. Maybe I’ll hit 60."
- Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista continues to believe in Jose Bautista. And I find his confidence utterly enrapturing.

The World Series isn't yet over, and I'm already pining for spring training.

Someone at Reuters took that photo. Daylife hooked it up.


sarah said...

Sw and oon.

Mattt said...

Something about his tone sounds sincere, almost humble, which is nearly impossible when you're declaring you may hit 60 HR's next season. There no cockiness, just confidence. Such a refreshing change from your standard athelete.

Mike D said...

60!? Can he hit 70?!!?!?!11?! You gotta at least ask the question.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

@ sarah: Serious swoonage.

@ Mattt: It is a different type of confidence Bautista exudes, I'll give you that. No bravado. Just belief.

@ Mike: I'm quite certain Bautista will break Bonds' single-season record.