October 28, 2006

Les Habitants

Leafs took out the Habs 5-4 in la Belle Provence tonight. Leafs/Habs games are pretty good these days. Pretty intense. I think the two teams are pretty equal, man for man. The games are competitive, and entertaining, especially compared to the rapings Ottawa hands us on the regular. And the crowd up in Montreal is boisterous to say the least. I wish the ACC was as loud as that, minus the weak "ole ole" chants and the counting down of penalties, out loud. That is whack.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are consistently inconsistent. And I'm not talking game to game, I'm talking period to period. One thing they are consistent at however, is blowing leads. Happened again tonight. Twice. And in the third period. Again. Not habits the Leafs want to be employing this early in the season. Every time the Leafs have a lead in the third I start looking around for the Staples Easy Button, because I know things are about to get crazy.

It was a weird game, and the Leafs dominated most of it. I mean we outshoot the Habs freakin 51-22 and we're going to overtime. Aubin didn't play all that great but he was ridiculous in the shootout, so props to him for getting us 2 points. I don't care how it gets done, it just needs to happen right now.

THANK GOD the real Tomas Kaberle came back tonight. Three goals and one assist. That's my boy! He was all over the place tonight, even forechecking and making a decent body check on his second goal. The hat-trick goal was awful, but I'm hella happy for Kabs. I don't know who that other Kaberle was, the first 10 games of the season. And how about the shootout goal? It was a beauty. I've been pleading Kabby's shootout case for the past little while. The guys we send out there just aren't getting it done, and tonight Kabby and Wellwood were the ones who won it for us. I think more people in Toronto need to be representing Kaberle jerseys. Mine is in the mail.

And Mats, even my mom knows you're gonna shoot high glove side in the shootout. Change it up once in a while!

We got two points. But we gave Montreal one point, which they totally didn't deserve. The Leafs have handed away a lot of points already this season. Idiots. I think Aubin should play again on Monday night, especially after he redeemed himself in the shootout. He'll be confident after tonight.

I don't understand why Maurice basically only runs five defenceman. Harrison played only 6 minutes tonight. I think he's able to play at least 12-14 minutes a night. He's got to be. White played almost 25 minutes tonight! It's kinda crazy because I don't think White is that good. He's definitely at the top of the depth chart when it comes to all these young d-men we've got, but easy cowboy. I think the Leafs are seriously stunting the growth of Harrison. Bell has looked good, and I think Harrison has some potential. Although I can't wait till Kubina and Colaiacovo can come back, those guys are the real deal. We just have to play.500 hockey until we get some bodies back.

Antropov played tonight. We won. Coincidence.? Yes. Not just a coincidence, a BIG coincidence (memories of Elaine Benes telling Raaaaava about the degrees of coincidence).

It was a tough week. I'm not even going to get into the Ottawa games. I was going to write after we lost the second one, but it would have been full of hatred and anger, so I aborted. I'm getting used to them kicking the living crap out of us. That's disturbing. I even sit through the entire games! I'll be honest, I like the fact that Leafs are pretty much, by definition, sore losers. We go out like pure bitches, especially against Ottawa. But I dig it. If we're getting our asses kicked, we might as well go out like a bunch of idiots. How much dignity is left when you're down 7-2?

We'll get those bastards from Ottawa...we'll get them one day...

Goodnight, Toronto...