October 31, 2006

Thrashing Victory

Don't let the title of the post fool you - tonight's game between the Leafs and Thrashers was pretty much a snooze fest. The game was decided in the first period. The Leafs scored three power play goals after they fell behind 1-0 on a pretty sweet goal by Ilya Kovalchuk, which was a power play marker too. He came in the zone with some crazy speed and took a wrist shot that went right through Ian White's legs and into the back of the net. Raycroft's still looking for it.

I was totally expecting a loss from the Leafs tonight. Once they fell behind 1-0 I figured it was going to be a long night, but they bounced back quickly, and I think that was the key in the game. Atlanta's been crazy hot to start the season - they were the first team to finally beat the Sabres and keep them from a record 11-0 start. The Leafs still hold the mark for best start to open a season - 10-0 with no shootout wins in the 93/94 season. The Buffalo Sabres, their ugly fans, their ugly city and their ugly jerseys can go screw themselves. But yeah, the Thrashers have been hot, and the Leafs haven't been all that splendid on home ice. So I was Mr. Negativity tonight. I even took the Thrashers in pro line. By two! I deserved to lose that ticket, don't know what I was thinkin.

I don't know what it is about the Thrashers but they certainly bring out the best in our power play, and god bless them for that. Three power play goals tonight, two courtesy of the goal scoring machine known as Darcy Tucker. He's already got 9 on the season and I think 6 have come from the exact same spot. And the real Tomas Kaberle is certainly back, he scored another goal tonight. Glad to have you back Kabby. And Mats picked up three assists on the power play goals. Jeff O'Neill bagged the only even strength goal of the night. He's doing alright in a reduced role with the team. I guess when he's not out there that often he can't piss me off.

I was lobbying for Aubin to start tonight but Maurice made the right call by going back to Raycroft. I'm a goalie, I know how fragile a goalie's confidence can be. It's delicate. It must be nurtured. Going to Aubin tonight would put Raycroft in a position where he would start to question himself. We can't have that. Raycroft is the man right now, and Maurice made the right decision. Razor played well. That last goal was pure CHEESE thanks to the referee getting in the way, but thats how it goes. It was 4-1, so it didn't matter much.

Antropov has now played two games this season. And the Leafs are 2-0. Coincidence? Maybe not...

Who am i kidding? Of course it is! I give Antropov about 7 more games til he either:
a) injures himself skating
b) gets injured when someone lays a pinky on him

It's just a matter of time.

That's the first two game win streak of the season my friends. I shall sleep easy tonight.

Goodnight, Toronto...