November 06, 2006

Let the Good Times Roll...

It's been quite the 72 hours in my world of sports. The Leafs beat the Sabres in Buffalo, the Argos won a thrilling playoff game at the Rogers Centre, and the Leafs capped it tonight with a 4-1 win against the Flyers at the Hangar.

I was afraid the Leafs would come out a little sluggish tonight since the Flyers SUCK. Tonight's game was a struggle and could have gone either way. Andrew Raycroft was the difference, as he has been lately. The kid's on fire and it's good to see him bounce back with great games after those beatings from Ottawa. A couple of games like that can really mess with a goalie's head - especially a young goalie like Raycroft, playing in this media crazy town - but he's shown composure and it's encouraging.

I wouldn't have been surprised had the Flyers came in tonight and won. It would have been typical for the Leafs to go into Buffalo and win a game I thought was impossible to win, and then come home and lose a game they should surely win. It seemed like that was going to happen because the Leafs had hit 5 posts by the end of the second period. I thought the hockey Gods were going to continue to shine on Nith-a-makki of Philadelphia. I LOVE the way Joe Bowen says his name. I have to admit though, that my brother called the Leafs win in Buffalo and said tonight would be a struggle. He is wise.

The facts are that the Leafs are one of the hottest teams in the league right now, and Raycroft is one of the hottest goalies. Another 40 saves for him tonight. I'm singing the McDonald's commercial in my head right now - I'm lovin it! There's no secret what great goaltending can do for a team. Here in Toronto, we've been blessed with great goaltending. Well we were, until last year, when Belfour shit the bed. Hopefully Raycroft can continue his solid play.

Shoutouts to Poni and Antropov for their game tonight. I know I hate on Antropov, but I guess I do it because its the cool thing to do - everyone's doing it! But I truly believe that at $1 million per season, he's kind of a bargain. Tonight was one of those nights where he showed flashes of the potential that made him a bloody top 10 first round pick. He shows it every once in a while. To tease us. That bastard. But he scored the game winner, so I got to give him props tonight.

And Poni's goal was a BEAUTY. It was especially for my boy 40. We've got $100 on the line that Poni will get 21 goals, his mark from last year. The PONI Count is now at 6. He's on pace, ladies and gentlemen. Poni's my boy. I urge all of you, especially 40, to join me on the Poni Express.

The Leafs have won 5 of 6, but the news gets even better. Pavel Kubina will be back in the lineup on Thursday in Beantown. Big game for our main man Raycroft, as he goes back to Boston for the first time since the trade that sent him to Toronto. Hopefully he can have a solid game and tell Boston to SHOVE IT.

And before I leave you, I've got to show love to the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGOOOOOOOOOOOOOSS!! What a football game on Sunday. I'm not really a football fan. I never, ever watch a regular season CFL game, but in the playoffs I jump on the bandwagon ridiculously hard. I caught almost the entire game between the Argos and Blue Bombers, and it was awesome. Three downs makes for more passing and more exciting football. Screw the NFL. I want Ricky Williams - marijuana's poster boy - to win a Grey Cup! The Argos looked down and out late in the game, but Pinball Clemons put in backup QB Michael Bishop and they stormed back to win it. It was one of the most exciting football games I've ever seen. I'll be watching the Alouettes/Argos Eastern Final for sure, although I have no idea when it is...

Now that I think about it, the past 72 hours in my world of sports weren't PERFECT. The Raptors lost on Sunday to the Spurs. But I'll save my Raptors talk for later.

Goodnight, Toronto...