November 05, 2006

I Like!

Confession: I was the last person in this city who thought the Leafs would be the first team to beat the Buffalo Sabres this year (in regulation). Not in Buffalo. Not with the way the Sabres have been playing. But that's the beauty of the good ol' hockey game.

Helluva road game played by the Leafs - 4-1 Leafs final. I was thinking at the start of the game that the Leafs just gotta survive the first ten minutes, and the first period, in order to have any chance to beat the hella fast Sabres. Toronto didn't exactly get off to a great start - Hecht's goal was a stinker.

But the Leafs bounced back thanks to - who else - Captain Mats. Once again he was driving the bus tonight. Two goals, one assist and just an overall dominating performance. It's strange, sometimes Mats looks so disinterested out there, but on most nights he plays with a sense of determination that this team so desperately needs. He's a leader. I'd go anywhere with Mats. I trust him with my life. Great pass to Tucker on the second goal. Tucker's already got 10 goals - he's gonna hear that CHA-CHING sound big time when he signs his new contract. He deserves every penny though and I want him to be a Leaf for the rest of his career. Mats Sundin and Darcy Tucker are the epitomy of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Raycroft was solid when he had to be. It was just a really good road game. Granted, the Sabres were going to lose sooner or later - it was bound to happen. But it's still quite satisfying to go into their building and take care of business. And how about the penalty killing!? Off the heezy (indeed!) again tonight. Peca's been great on the PK.

Shout outs to the kids on defense - White and Bell were great tonight. White's creative with the puck. He seems to be betting more confident out there. He and Hal Gill make a pretty sweet combo back there. There will be growing pains and nights where I'm cussing out White, but he made a great pass to Mats on the fourth goal tonight. It was a pass that showed his patience and smarts. He's special. He reminds me of a combination of Brian Rafalski and Tomas Kaberle. Very excite! I like!

Great way to end the three game road trip. I can't beleaf we dropped a game to bloody Ed Belfour, but two out of three is a successful trip, and I look forward to the Leafs kicking the crap out of the Flyers on Monday. And Kubina might be back! Very excite!!!!

The Leafs definitely get a "waa-waa-wee-wah" Borat style for tonight's effort.

Goodnight, Toronto...