April 04, 2008

Mark Bell Rules

I have been waiting years to see Daniel Alfredsson get hit the way he did last night. Thanks to one hell of a body check, Mark Bell completely redeemed himself of one horrendous season. Thanks to one hell of a body check, I want Bell to stay in the blue and white.

If you didn't see the hit, check it out. Grab some popcorn, a drink, and get comfortable. I think I've watched it about 57 times now, and it is just, well, awesome. And it's even better in slow motion.

Alffy is done. Bell sent him back to the 613 area code. That's what Alffy gets for cutting through the Leafs zone, head down and admiring his pass. It's about God damn time someone layed him out. Alfredsson won't suit up tonight for Ottawa, and word has it that he may even miss the first round of the playoffs. While the Leafs couldn't bring the Senators down with them, at least they got Alfredsson. That's one trade off I'll take with open arms.

One second, I'll be right back. Going to watch the video again...

Ok, I'm back. Sorry about that. But, wow, what a beauty of a hit. Shoulder, and some elbow, right into Alfredsson's mug. It's like art. Beautiful, expensive, art.

Other than the hit, the game was a joke. The Senators, fighting for their playoff lives, destroyed the Maple Leafs. Silly me, I was actually really excited about last night's game. I figured the Leafs would step up and do their best to mess up Ottawa's season. But, as keeps being proven, every instinct I have is wrong.

Honestly, an 8-2 final for the Senators was all good with me. The hit on Alfredsson made the final score absolutely meaningless. The Leafs are brutal and everyone knows it. Some serious roster overhaulage is in store.

The Washington Capitals, my adopted team for the rest of the season, beat the Lightning anyway, and now occupy the eighth and final playoff spot in the East. They don't need the Leafs' help. God knows we can't help ourselves, so how the hell were we going to help someone else? I'm an idiot.

Anyway, right after Bell cleared Alfredsson's sinuses, my boy Alz sent me a text message: "Bell just validated his write off of a season." I couldn't agree more. I've been a big time Bell-hater. He disappointed me greatly these last few months, and I was all for buying out his contract or having him toil in the minors next season. Not anymore. After that gorgeous hit on the super douche bag captain of the Ottawa Senators, all is forgotten. Well done, Mark Bell, and I look forward to seeing you in training camp in September.

Yes, the Leafs were absolutely demolished in their final home game of the regular season. The 8-2 final score was completely embarrassing, but fitting, because it was likely Paul Maurice's final game behind the Leafs bench as head coach (why the hell didn't he pull Toskala!?!?!?). I can't think of any other team that is blown out of their own building as often as the Leafs are. It's a bloody disgrace. I'm tired. I'm done. This season, with mercifully only one game left to play, can't end soon enough.

Yes, the Senators kicked collective Maple Leafs ass last night, but, well, who cares? It's nothing we haven't been through before. Just thank Mark Bell, scroll up to the video, and click "play." It'll make you feel better.

UPDATE: It's morning. I woke up and the first thing I did was think about the hit, and smile. A huge smile. And it's snowing outside. The Leafs lost 8-2 last night, and I'm still straight giddy over that hit. I think I have no choice but to buy a Mark Bell jersey. He is the greatest.


Jaredoflondon said...

I almost feel bad for enjoying watching that so much.


Preet said...

I expect we'll get the same ass kicking on Saturday, but it's all good. Season is done. You know I was thinking about this last night...theres a strong chance that I saw Sundin's last game as a leaf ever... he played on saturday and i was at that game, and hasn't suited up since. Its an honour but its also a sad thought. I also wonder if McCabe will ever re-learn to skate again without falling when he gets anywhere close to the net.

The hit on Alfy is indeed a beauty. Its like we f'd up, but we left our mark.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss last night. Thanks for the video. ;) It seems like it was bodycheck night. Caps' Cooke had a similar hit on Tampa Bay's Lecavalier. :D

Anonymous said...

You're a class A, complete arsehole, complete tosser, total wank!

So many more words could be used to describe you and any Leaf fan who cheered that hit on or still cheers it on, you people deserve to have the Leafs as your pathetic team.

I think Mr. Webster is eventually going to object to the Leafs coining themselves as a team, because in the dictionary that I have, that would have to imply that they work together.


How can you Maple Leaf rejects, losers since 1967, long before I was even born, be sitting there in the ACC or in your loser case, behind a computer screen like the coward you are, cheering on a hit like that and then you piece of shit, write such an idiotic Kindergarten rant? Boohoo, I've got my violins out for the Leafs and you and the Jays and the Raptors. Leafs suck, every Toronto team sucks actually when you look at it, what a curious trend!

Oh did I mention that I was a lifelong devoted Leafs fan until middle of the 1st str8 year of not making the Playoff's of these most recent 3 back-to-back years and it's then when I decided to follow a team that actually knows how to play hockey, the Ottawa Senators. You might want to try sticking with the Washington Caps, they are a million light years better than the Leafs and Matts who is not going to stick around cause he's sick of this losing team, you think he doesn't tell Alfie that all the time? I know, trust me on that one.

When was the last time you moron's-on-skates won the Eastern Conference? 1967 wasn't it? Actually, no, just to rub some salt in the wounds, the Leafs last won the Prince of Wales Trophy......... which is in OUR possession, i.e., Ottawa Senators you idiot!

So when was the last time the Leafs held that trophy? 62-63 LOL

Your team is a fucking joke as you kinda alluded to all over your article, which was nothing short of shambolic and you sound like you have severe schizophrenia that needs treating!

You're a fuckwit, you're a sore loser and guess what else bitch?

Pay back is exactly that!

And we paid it back, by proving for the last time in this season and yet again that, that we rule over your dumpy hockey association and your dirty and crime ridden city.

The Leafs will never be making the playoff's again, at least not in any of our lifetimes! I'll be long dead and buried before the Leafs might make the Playoff's, forget about the Cup, either of them! So I got another, em, 60 years to go!

Amazingly, they could win the Cup that year, making it 100 to 101 years since they last won the Cup, a fitting anniversary I'd say. That's if they are even still around then!

You diluted losers, your in so much denial it's unreal. Look at yourselves in the mirror, you'll see the definition of a waste of space!

Now go and fucking get your golf clubs out, again, if you can afford to that is, since you live in Toronto, the most unaffordable city in Canada LOL

Toronto makes me sick! Nasty City, Obviously VERY nasty people, not all, but you and your Leaf followers who are akin to you!


Jaredoflondon said...

Tell us how you really feel, because, you know. We care.

Anonymous said...

LOL ur a fucking comedian too....Well Jared of London, it's a shame you don't have the balls to say any of this to Alfie's face, or any other Sens player or fan for that matter including myself, so you just hide behind your computer screen in your little protective buddle.

I'd love to see McGrattan and Neil meet u in a dark corner and lets see how big your mouth is then!

Oh and don't forget to ready for the Leafs next season, surely to be worse than the last, as always!

At least they are consistent in that they lose, all the TIME

PS...London is ugly, no offence =)

Anonymous said...

Bubble instead of Buddle

Not that you would have been able to pick up on that mistake anyway, that would involve the capacity to read!

Jaredoflondon said...

wow, we have a winner here. First of chopper, I'd have no problem telling Alfredson that he got knocked the fuck out. Thats something he already knows, secondly I would wish him a speedy recovery because I don't like to see anyone injured. I don't expect someone without the backbone to stand behind their team when they miss the playoffs once and jump onto the highest riding band wagon they find to understand that shit happens in hockey. Sure its not cool that your hero got hurt, but you have to admit it was a sweet hit. You'd probably bust a nut if you saw Neil do the same to Sundin. So enjoy your dynasty that never was and have a nice day.

Oh yes, and if I ran into McGratton and Neil in a dark alley I'd yell "Hey its Tie Domi" then they'd probably shit themselves.

Jaredoflondon said...

also, stop hiding hehind your computer screen! you coward!

Anonymous said...

Boy you two are as stupid as each other eh? 2-4 the price of-1 Delux!

I signed my bloody post with my initials DDH you tool, I chose not to sign into my account out of laziness, there is a difference.

So what is it that I'm hiding? And who likes like the idiot now?

That would be you, want my address to? Because I'll take the two of ya if you want to bring it on, which it pretty much sounds you do to me.

But then your "Toronto Men", so more girl than boy...I'd break u both with my index finger LOL


Got to hell, both of you, you sound like a bunch of girls, honestly...SAD!

I've wasted enough of my time and had my fill of fun and seen my share of social retards, that be u both!

You'll be writing to yourselves after this message, cause I couldn't care less what you idiots think or write about, I said my piece!

Anonymous said...

It was a good hit to watch. A bit dirty and cheap on Bell's part but within the rules of hockey. I think you're a bit out there to get so excited that he got hurt with what's probably a concussion. Hitting in hockey is not about injuring the other guy or putting him out of the game. It's about taking a guy off the puck, wearing him down and letting him know that you are between him and the puck. Celebrate a big hit but don't celebrate injury - that's just weird.

Jaredoflondon said...

I still don't know how you get cheap out of the hit, clean, from the side with the shoulder. Alfredson shouldnt admire his passes so much. What was Bell Supposed to do? Yell "Hey Danniel I am going to hit you, is that ok?". Should head shots be taken out of the game, yes, I think so,but until they change that rule, there was absolutely nothing wrong with that hit. I already said that I am sorry he got hurt and am not celebrating that in the slightest.

Also DHH, I know kung fu! I know 50 ways to kill a man with a Q-Tip and I train Navy SEALS and Army Rangers in CQB, you don't want none of this!

showcase29 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
showcase29 said...

"The Leafs will never be making the playoff's again, at least not in any of our lifetimes! I'll be long dead and buried before the Leafs might make the Playoff's, forget about the Cup, either of them!"

Care to make a wager?????

That's seriously the dumbest thing I've heard in a really, REALLY, long time!

Seriously though... let's make this interesting. Forget 60 years, I'll give you odds and we'll bring it down 90% to 6 years. Come on, put some $$$$ on the line, to back up your shit-talking.

Anonymous said...

Children, Children...the Hit was good, that annoymous fan has some real anger issues....is Alffy you dad...damn...these hits happen all the time...what about Tucker on Kapanen, Tucker on Roenick.....those were great hits too...the only thing that makes this differnet is that its on a player that mattered...Alffy got ROCKED...it's hockey, and if your a fan...Hits are part of the game, you take some you give some....its just that Alffy took one right in the chops, and how can you talk about leafs fans that way...shame on you...do you not remember the fake throwing of the stick incident that Alffy was a part of...that was a classless act....Alffy is Enemy number 1 in Toronto for that reason, and thats why he is called BOOOO Alfredsson....the bottom line is that you wants to start shit, you get your head shoved down youre neck....like Alffy....I think the root cause of your anger has more to do with the fact, you beat us and know your in the playoffs...however, because of the game last night, youre playoffs will be short...LOL...The Leafs have left a nassty stamp on your team.


Roger Terrance said...

Showcase - U apparently have more confidence than the entire team itself has & ur gushing so much that it over represents Toronto & is way out of whack dude! Chill! 6 Years, really? Not a hope in hell! We haven't even came close to Stanley in 6 years past, or 12 plus!

The only thing good that the Leafs have, & I'm a die-hard fan, have been all my life & "bleed blue & white" blah blah - The only thing we have is Toskala & a bunch of overpaid idiots who are doing nothing for us, as we can see, 3 straight years & we r the laughing stock of Canada

I am not so far gone with LFDS (Leafs Fan Denial Syndrome) 2 understand that we are the butt of ever other cities jokes, & not just in Canada, why?

Cause we play a lousy & sloppy game 90% of the time, that's why. Tough doesn't matter much when ur not scoring! Think people! With work, & solid work, come the rewards, we instead get to go golf!

Showcase - instead of being so sure that the Leafs will win a Stanley Cup in the next 6 years & betting ur life savings on it, I would have to side with the guy that said it could happen in season 100/101.

ps - Jared, I seen your blog and your right, you were not "1 of them" celebrating the injury, but ur monster friend and terrible blogger I might add - & Co are, right here - 4 everyone 2 C & U know what that amounts 2 lads, right?

Ur embarrassing US as a team, totally making us look like heartless assholes but as a hockey player myself, I take offence 2 that in the highest form.

Hockey is not be about who smashed who, harder into the ice. Hey, lets go out & kill someone in the second! Come on!

Don't tell me that because the NHL hasn't been stricter on the potentially lethal hits, that this alone makes it somehow "Clean" "Good" or "Awesome".

It's none of the above, & Bell is about the most reckless person since Rob Ramage, not someone worthy of cheers - guys, hate to tell ya but that's not exactly good for our Reputation, and I don't mean by other players thinking we are tough, cause they don't, stop telling yourselves that other teams think we are tough, cause we aren't!!

Were is the operative word, a long time ago, we were tough

Ur sitting there praising Bell, people are saying he should be kept because he took a Sen out? Are you guys all losing ur minds? The Battle of Ontario did not involve nearly killing each other, ever!

There is tough, there is stupid and there is stupid and malicious and Bell is both - we see it in his criminal behaviour & on the ice, he's dangerous & one of these days, someone is going to die!

Bell is a reckless drunk driver who is a Federal Felon in the US & will soon have a different cage around his head, this one a little bigger than the one he had on last night to save his healing face from more damage, which in turn made him look like a total pussy, just like the Malone fight, when he ran off like a pussy there, yet was severely injured, u would think he might have applied more common sense going forward. Nope!

It doesn't matter why he was wearing the helmet or how he was injured in the Mellon, it's the image of him wearing the helmet cage, after hitting another player like he did last night & in doing so without even trying to brake, change course or anything else & in the case of Pittsburgh, well once Malone had him down it was lights out for Bell & hello how many of us were laughing when his Orbital was screwed.

Not many & we cried bloody murder & got all pissy & had to act all macho & shit to Pittsburgh in retaliation.

This is why we are never wining anything significant, because everyone has their own agenda, & for the majority, that agenda is not seeing the Leafs in any playoff's, rather, the nice pay-day's!

I don't buy that it was "only an accident", but I do think it was most likely a desperate attempt on the part of Bell to do "Damage to the Sens" - If thats the new focus of the Leafs & the way our fans need to be thinking, then I'd rather not be a part of it thanks very much!

Bell has also done very little for Toronto thanks to his abysmal playing and not to forget, suspension again for being a Felon Drunk Driver and Felony Hit and Run - This is also someone who would rather fight than play good hockey, so he scored last night, that goal was robbed from us because his behaviour & fallout!

So we end the season at home, one again in disgrace & you get foolish pretend bloggers on here making it out into a victory!

Sad, very - all of it, us losing, the hit, the reaction to the hit, this blog, the fallout from the blog, which is causing more hatred than I have seen in a long, long time.


Sundin - I'm sure is not exactly, shall we say happy, with Bell's actions to his fellow Swede and friend.

At least we came in 23rd place this year!

Jason Phillips said...

Toronto generally does leave nasty infections, it;s infested from end to end! in reference to the impact you dumbasses think your team has had on the Senators, I am no Sens fan, but I hate the Leafs more and there is no single team WORST in Canada than the Leafs, this is well know, even you Leaf fans know it by now!


The Habs are going to show you how to play hockey on your last night in beautiful Montreal, you pussies and then we'll see how tough you guys really are - At least we made the playoff's,

"Opps, the Leafs did it again!" - Habs Remix

Anything Toronto touches, it fucks up, going strong since 1967!

This year you made it to lucky number 23! 23rd worst in the league you idiots, stop cheering for yourselves like a bunch of cheerleaders!

Jaredoflondon said...

wait did he call me a terrible blogger?

Yeah? Well you have a funny hair cut!

Anonymous said...

No Jared, I like your blog actually =)


Culinarian said...

Wow, I have never seen this much feedback on an article navin, good job.
As for these 'sonts' such as anonymous DDH and RT, I think this is just their pathetic way of getting back at us for the hardships their beloved Senators have felt from the wrath of the Leafs. They have their own problems to deal with, including:

1) Racism- not letting a number 1 goalie start for various reasons, and putting in a baby-food eating GERBER who clearly can't cut it.
2) Not understanding what the hell their damn coach is saying
3)Realizing that they, once again, are not going anywhere in the playoffs...not to mention they only got in because another team lost. Luckily they beat such a 'shitty team' in the Leafs. How does a team go from winning 15 straight to barely getting in?

And why all the hating on Toronto? Ottawa ppl are gay...y'all would get chewed up and spit out if you lived a day in Toronto. At least we don't get our jollies by hating on other people's blogs.
You may be passionate, but seriously, get a hobby.
And DDH- you said you didnt have time to come back on this blog and you're back making more comments...
Get a life

showcase29 said...

Roger and co.,

"The Leafs will never be making the playoff's again, at least not in any of our lifetimes! I'll be long dead and buried before the Leafs might make the Playoff's, forget about the Cup, either of them!"

Okay so I guess I was a little unclear with respect to the wager I proposed. I never said (or meant to say) that the Leafs would win the Cup in the next 6 years. I bleed blue and white, but I'm not mentally insane.

The competitiveness and parity of the NHL today makes no one a 'lock' to win. Most definitely not a team that hasn't made the playoffs for 3 years. What I was referring to was DDH's prediction that the Leafs wouldn't win the Cup AND/OR even make the playoffs in "our lifetime". Read what he wrote again, as he made it clear this team would do neither of those things in the next 60 years.

He went on about us "diluted losers" being "in so much denial it's unreal."

My wager proposal (which I still stand by) was that the Leafs would make the PLAYOFFS in the next 6 years. I consider THAT to be the no-brainer... point being that I believe he was/is the one with diluted notions.

Preet said...

Wow. I won't elaborate much more than that. I will however say that the type of response and anger here, is very typical of Ottawa fans. Reminds me of those annoying kids at the shopping mall that throw themselves on the floor in a tantrum when they don't get their way. *shrugs*. Anyhow good luck to the sen's in the first round of playoffs, i'm sure you'll get pulvarized.

Aside from that, Navin - It's been mad fun readin the blog, I'll continue to check in and read even though the blue and white season is over. Some great reads here. Continue writing from the heart!