December 23, 2009

Olympic Rosterbation*

Well, why not?


Dany Heatley Joe Thornton Patrick Marleau
Rick Nash Sidney Crosby Jarome Iginla
Ryan Getzlaf Brad Richards Corey Perry
Brenden Morrow Mike Fisher Nathan Horton

Extra: Eric Staal


Scott Niedermayer Chris Pronger
Jay Bouwmeester Shea Weber
Duncan Keith Dan Boyle

Extra: Mike Green


Martin Brodeur
Roberto Luongo
Marc-Andre Fleury

Deep Thoughts:
  • I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore watching Dany Heatley score goal after goal after goal after goal for the San Jose Sharks. And, yes, it's got everything to do with the fact that Ottawa Senators fans despise him.
  • Patrick Marleau has never played less than 74 games in one season. He's had a remarkably durable career.
  • I hope Rick Nash regrets signing his extension with Columbus. He should have been a Toronto Maple Leaf.
  • Joe Thornton, Sidney Crosby and Jarome Iginla are about as automatic as it gets.
  • The Anaheim Ducks drafted Ryan Getzlaf 19th overall in 2003, and Corey Perry 28th overall that same year. They don't get enough credit for it.
  • Thanks to his immaculate resume, Brad Richards wins over Mike Richards. Plus, the less Philadelphia Flyers the better.
  • Brenden Morrow, Mike Fisher and Nathan Horton make up my dream checking line. Morrow is Canadian ice hockey, personified. As ridiculous as that sounds. He can do it all. I've admitted it before: I've always had a slight man-crush on Mike Fisher. I love his speed. He's one Ottawa Senator I've always fantasized becoming a Toronto Maple Leaf. As for Nathan Horton, at 24, I think he's finally coming into his own. It's a bit of a sentimental pick, as I've always liked his game. I think he takes the torch from a guy like Shane Doan and does it justice.
  • Apologies go out to: Vincent Lecavalier, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Martin St. Louis, Steve Stamkos, Patrice Bergeron, and Jonathan Toews. Even a guy like Stephen Weiss. There simply isn't enough room. There never is. Although any of those guys could have been the 13th forward, I went with Staal because playing for Carolina and Paul Maurice, he's got to be hungry. And, to be honest, I thought he punched his ticket to Vancouver with his performance in last year's playoffs. Lecavalier doesn't look hungry enough; St. Louis I'd have given more time to if the tournament was on international ice; and Stamkos is part of Canada's next crop.
  • Dustin Penner? Never crossed my mind. He shouldn't have crossed yours, either.
  • I don't spend time worrying about guys playing outside of their natural position. These are the best hockey players in the world. I'm sure they'll manage.
  • On defence, Scott Niedermayer is a winner. Period. He makes it on merit. And while no hockey fan actually likes Chris Pronger, most of us realize he's a tough son-of-a-bitch who is difficult to play against. He's Canadian. We'll use him.
  • It seems Jay Bouwmeester has quietly turned into a better defenceman than Dion Phaneuf, and something about a pairing of Bouwmeester and Shea Weber scratches me right where I itch. Want to know how tough Weber is to play against? Ask Ryan Kesler.
  • I know, plus/minus is a flawed statistic, but over the past two and a half seasons, Duncan Keith is a +75. Flawed or not, that's impressive. He spends more time on the ice shorthanded than any of his Chicago Blackhawks teammates, and he puts up points. He's a lock.
  • Is it a stretch to say that Dan Boyle has spent his entire career underrated?
  • For the extra blueliner, I wanted to take Drew Doughty. I really did. I love Doughty. But I couldn't ignore Mike Green's numbers. As a Leafs fan, when Toronto and Washington hook up, I can't help but notice Green on the ice.
  • Goalies. This one was easy. Until Marty Brodeur bloody retires, he's the man in goal for Canada. And until Roberto Luongo wins a Stanley Cup, he's the Mike Modano of the crease; no respect. As for MAF, it's time the guy got some credit. He's a back-to-back Stanley Cup finalist, and a Cup winner. A career .907 save percentage doesn't exactly get me all hot and bothered, but he's young, improving, and, most importantly, a winner. In a toss-up with Steve Mason, it's got to be Fleury.
  • As for who should wear the captain's "C," my choice is: nobody. This tournament is all about checking egos at the door, and doing what's asked of you. Whether that's playing 10 minutes a game on the fourth line, or sitting while Mike Babcock runs five defenceman in the third period, it doesn't matter. This team is stocked with talent, and stocked with captains. They're all leaders. Three alternates: Scott Niedermayer, Jarome Iginla, and Sidney Crosby.


*A tip of the hat to Drew/Lloyd the Barber from Ghostrunner on First for the stellar vocabulary. It's been added to my lexicon, and being used unsparingly.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't change a damn thing. Except Getzlaf would centre Richards and Perry, left and right respectively.

Yours is the first list i've seen no flaw in. (Except fisher, I hate the bastard).

eyebleaf said...

I left Richards in the middle because he's got a slight edge in faceoffs over Getzlaf (50.6% vs. 48.1%). But I'm good either way, really. As my man Jerry Seinfeld put it, quoting Bob Sacamano: "The difference is negligible."

Who do you take instead of Fisher?

MarvelousWin said...

Don't forget Fisher is now engaged Carrie Underwood. You think any of her songs are about him? Is he the Cowboy Cassanova? Do you think he even likes Country music, or do you think he does it to get some tail.

Anonymous said...

God, there are some terrible decisions here.

Mike Fisher? Seriously? He seems to have been bumped up, thanks to his Stajan-esque campaign, so far.

Who would you want on the leafs: Lecavalier or Mr. Underwood?

Aquamelli said...

Are hockey Olympics so serious for the likes of Kovalchuk ?

"Olympics are more important than Stanley Cup"

People remember Stanley Cup winners - not gold medalists (in my opinion)

sager said...

Patrick Sharp and Patrice Bergeron?

The Ack said...

Easy for Kovalchuk to say, the guy's never had a sniff. I imagine he'll be a top notch playoff performer, if he ever gets back.

And am I the only one who wonders why Brenden Morrow is always seen as a no-doubter? The guy is the new Ryan Smyth, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm taking Stamkos as my taxi guy and having Staal play 4th line centre. I like the idea of Stamkos seeing what it's all about and being ready for when he's our top line centre in 2014. But it's really cause I just can't ever cheer for a senator. Past present or future (except Tom Barasso, loved that fucker).

Anonymous said...

@eyebleaf oh! and the reason I swapped Brad and Getzlaf was that Richards has played the wing a ton, whereas I've always considered Getzlaf ineffective unless he can drive the net from the slot. I'd likely let Richards take defensive zone faceoffs if that 2 percent difference grew any.

eyebleaf said...

@ Marvelous: Who cares if he likes country music, Underwood is hot.

@ Anon: Obviously I'd want Lecavalier on the Leafs over Mr. Underwood. But in this case, to centre the fourth line with guys like Morrow and Horton, I'm taking Fisher. Vinny might have a hard time adjusting to that role.

@ Aquamelli: I've heard and read that for a lot of Russian guys, the Olympics are the shit. Goes back to the history of the USSR and Canada, and shit. These guys really want to win. By all accounts, it was a huge fucking deal in Sweden when they won it.

@ Sager: If you subbed in Sharp for Horton, I wouldn't be mad at ya. But I take Fisher over Bergeron. I really love Fisher, clearly.

@ The Ack: Brenden Morrow is the new Ryan Smyth. You just need a guy like that on your team. Someone who gets in the oppositions face, talks a little trash, goes only to the front of the net, and scores every now and then. Brenden or Brandon Morrow, I'm sold.

@ doggit: I can see Staal as the 4th line centre. I guess I'm really down on Vinny Lecavalier. And Stamkos as the taxi squad isn't a bad idea either. And I wasn't sure it was possible for anybody to love Tom Barrasso. Now I know. Thanks.

Mattt said...

Have a Happy Holiday!!!!!!!