July 09, 2010

A one-sentence post on the Boston Red Sox:

Fuck 'em.

(Hat tip to the inimitable Tao of Stieb, the master of the one-sentence posts.)


Darren Priest said...

LOL, good stuff. I must confess I jumped on the bandwagon in 2004. I have always hated the Yankees more, but I've had a few years to let my hate fester and expand.

A sweep (or even a series win) this weekend would be sweet.

I suppose these are the meaningful games I am always bitching about.

Mattt said...

Yesssss. Fuck. Them.

I was shopping in Kensington this afternoon and noticed Toronto had gotten uglier all of a sudden. Seriously. Then I remembered why all of these, uh, people were here and had those hats on. True story.

eyebleaf said...

Well, we showed them.

Mattt said...

We sure did. I forget what happened so I'm assuming we won?