October 08, 2010

Game in Six Sentences

Because, let's be honest, if every Toronto Maple Leafs game can be whittled down to six minutes, it can surely be pared down to six sentences. Probably four. But let's go with six.

1. Before the game, during player introductions, Tomas Kaberle was given the loudest ovation, redeeming my faith in Leafs fans.

2. I kid you not: The Maple Leafs were three-for-three on the penalty kill.

3. The Maple Leafs were zero-for-five on the power play

4. Who cares? Ron Wilson's troops are the best -- the best, 100%! -- at killing penalties in the NHL.

5. All Phil Kessel does is score goals.

6. So that's what it's like to have a goalie -- J.S. Giguere -- make massive saves in the late third period, while his team is leading, on home ice.

One-and-oh, yo.

And, to commemorate opening night, a special seventh sentence. Here's to a new season:

7. Mike Zigomanis.

Okay, fine, let's make it eight sentences, just this once:

8. Playoffs!!!1

Image of Tim Brent -- who? -- courtesy of The Associated Press via daylife.


Anonymous said...

I still don't know how to feel about this team man. I mean it was a close game with the habs missing Cammaleri, Hamrlik & Markov. And Price allegedly being sick. But it was a must win and they came through, something I haven't seen the Leafs do in a while. Giggy was great and Komisarek STUNK. Paid 4.5 mil to be a liability on offense and to be suck on defence. UGH. Oh, I too smiled when Kabs got the loudest ovation. Burke has to freakin sign him to an extension, it's not like his primary skill (passing) is gonna erode anytime soon.

Also, you must've heard the recent Alomar news. What's your take on him?

general borschevsky said...

It's really nice to get off to a positive start. That's gonna make things so much easier.

Keep up the great work!

Mirinov's Nose said...

The look on Kaberle's face when he got that ovation nearly brought a tear to my eye. I jumped up off the couch to cheer and so did my 4 and 5 year old kids. Nice to see him repay the love by playing a great game too.

Mattt said...

Thank you for posting some relevant Toronto sports news. Playoff baseball is great and all but the home team is really all I'm interested in. The two Leaf games have been more exciting/promising than the previous five seasons. The playoffs are really going to happen if this is for real...