October 05, 2010

Stealing Home: High on baseball, part 1

On Sunday afternoon, the Toronto Blue Jays' season came to an end. And so did my summer of baseball. It's hard to believe that from April 11th to June 7th, I traveled all over the glorious United States of America, visiting each and every ballpark Major League Baseball had to offer. It feels like only yesterday, and 10 years ago, at the same time.

I've yet to wrap up Stealing Home, my blog at The Globe And Mail, chronicling what I dubbed, "the baseball road trip of a lifetime." And it truly was just that. The latest entry, part one of my visit to Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, is up over at Globe Sports, and in it I try to explain the difficulties I've had in writing about the home stretch of my journey. You can also read about meat loaf that came Jeff Blair recommended, and the incredible area -- LoDo -- that surrounds Coors Field.

As I wrote at the end of the latest entry at The Globe, thanks. For sticking around, for bearing with me, and for reading. I'm grateful. This was far and away the most enjoyable baseball experience I could have ever had. And it was an honour to share it with you, even if it has taken a lot longer to finish than I expected it to.


Greg E said...


I was beginning to lose hope that another Stealing Home was on its way.

Great work Navin!

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Greg, if I can teach you anything, it's to never lose hope. Thanks for bearing with me. Cheers.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

Fantastic post. Your passion for the game highlights what makes baseball unique and lovable. I'm going to have to insist you join our baseball keeper league next year.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Ryan, thanks for the kind words. If there's one word to describe my relationship with baseball, it's probably passion. I love it. And I'm down for your keeper league; 100% count me in.