June 13, 2008

Free Adam Lind

I suspect the talk about Adam Lind and his toilage in the minor leagues will reach a fever pitch this weekend as former Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Reed Johnson makes his return to the confines of the Rogers Centre.

Many, especially the gents at The Southpaw and The Mockingbird, have for quite some time been making the case for Lind as the Jays' left fielder not of the future, but of today. I may not have been on board before, but I certainly am now.

Lind is ripping - ripping! - it in AAA ball. In 46 games down on the farm he's batting .337 with 17 doubles, five home runs, and 46 RsBI. He's sporting a tidy .392 on base percentage and a dirty .935 OPS. Concerns about his defense are overstated, in my opinion. Dude's only made one error all season. Clearly, Lind's got nothing left to prove down in Syracuse.

So, umm, JP, pardon my language, but why the fuck isn't Lind up with the big club? I'm going to have to plead ignorance because, well, I just don't get it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we're a .500 ball club as we go into action tonight, and I'd much rather be a .500 ball club with Adam Lind patrolling left field than any one of Brad Wilkerson, Shannon Stewart, or Kevin Mench.

I. Don't. Get. It.

I think all of us Toronto Blue Jays fans need to go on a hunger strike, you know, in order to force JP to summon Lind from the minors. I must confess, I'm currently reading Gandhi's autobiography, hence the idea. Gandhi was one eccentric cat, but his non-violent and civil disobedience ways certainly worked out well for the motherland.

It's pretty absurd to let Lind tear up minor league pitching while the big club struggles for its life to plate runs. And remember, Stewart, Wilkerson and Mench all joined the Jays in April or later, and are not part of the future of this ball club.

I don't fucking get it. Free Adam Lind.

Oh, and if you were at the game tonight, I hope you showed Reed Johnson some love. He was, and continues to be, a rudey.


bkblades said...

This is just a theory, but I brought this up elsewhere partially explaining why Lind isn't given a fair shot with the Jays. It seems pretty clear that the Jays have a lot of line drive hitters (Overbay, Hill, Rolen, Rios), rather than big-time power hitters. Lind's scouting report also reads as a predominantly doubles hitter. If that's the case, Ricciardi probably feels having Lind on the team is redundant and is just showcasing him for a trade for that masher.

Or JP may be just a fucktard, who also happens to know more than me. Go Jays?

eyebleaf said...

I don't know, from what I've heard Lind is more of a home run/strike out kind of guy. Last season in 89 games he jacked 11 home runs while striking out 65 times. He's got a ton of power. And with the way the Jays are swinging the bat this year, I don't care whether he's a home run or doubles guy, he should be in the lineup.

And I just don't see a trade for that masher happening.

"Go Jays?" indeed, bro.