June 29, 2008

Read Jeff Blair

I've only in the last 12 months become a regular reader of The Globe and Mail, and Globe Sports baseball columnist Jeff Blair. It has been a most rewarding experience. The man is good at what he does.

If you're looking for quality mainstream Toronto Blue Jays coverage, read Jeff Blair. He knows the game of baseball and, more importantly, he keeps it real. Just look at that picture. The thullards at DJF call him "Snappy the Turtle." Blair pulls no punches.

Now that I've bigged him up, check out Blair's latest excellent column on the Jays and how, early on in his second tenure as Jays manager, Cito Gaston seems to be pushing the right buttons.

In two starts since Cito took the wheel, the enigma known as A.J. Burnett has thrown 15 innings and allowed only one run. He's struck out 18 batters and allowed only eight hits. That's quality.


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