July 22, 2008

The Basement

Below are the updated AL East standings. Read em. And weep. Weep profusely. As I have been.

After yesterday's loss to the lowly Baltimore Orioles, the Blue Jays are back in the basement. Uh, I guess that makes us the lowly ones doesn't it? Fuck.

What makes all of this so difficult is that the Jays have allowed the fewest runs against - 396 - in the division. They've also scored the fewest - 416. Damn, pathetic, useless, offence.

And might it be time to send young Jesse Litsch down to Syracuse? He's looked Josh Towers-awful the last two months. Damn, pathetic, useless, Josh Towers.

Anyway, the series with the O's continues tonight, and I'll be in attendance at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, in the dangerous (or so I'm told by people who watch The Wire) city of Baltimore, Maryland. I'm looking forward to taking in the ball game at one of baseball's finest parks. Just pray to whomever it is you pray to that it doesn't rain, people. Thank you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

My second-favourite Blue Jays pitcher Shaun "North of Steeles" Marcum is back from the disabled list and will be on the mound tonight. As much as I'd love to, I can't take credit for that gem of a nickname. That's all the inebriated ones at Drunk Jays Fans. Here's hoping Marcum puts on a show, bitch slaps the Orioles, and sends me home happy.


Down Goes Brown said...

Isn't this the point where they need to start moving some players at the deadline? I realize Burnett would bring two high picks in the off-season if he bolts, but wouldn't now be a good time to move pieces like Eckstein or Rolen? I haven't heard much about that yet.

(And if you tell me they have NTCs, I may go roll down the stairs.)

Chemmy said...

nv: Actually the Jays would appear to be unlucky. You guys have a +20 run differential, and run differential is normally proportional to your win loss record, ie. you guys should be ahead of Baltimore, and the Sox should be waaaaay ahead of Tampa.

You guys will probably finish in fourth in the division.

DGB: Looking at Tampa Bay, the only way Toronto is going to be relevant in the AL East is if they move assets and build from within. That sounds familiar...

eyebleaf said...

if we can get anything serviceable in return for eckstein, stairs, macdonald, and rolen, they should 100% be moved. rolen, while he has been a wizard with the glove, has been maddeningly weak at the plate. and no, there are no NTCs sean, you're a joker.

the jays are def. unlucky but they haven't been able to hit with RiSP all year. it makes me so mad! (say it like costanza)...with that differential we should def. be better than at least the orioles. but man i'm tired of finishing third and fourth. it blows. and you're right, the sox, with +91, are deserving of first place. but the rays have pitched well.