July 19, 2008

Same. Old. Bullshit.

So much for the Blue Jays starting the unofficial second half of the baseball season with a win. Instead, it was the same old bullshit from the Jays hitters, who can't score any God (is "God" supposed to be capitalized?) damn runs and keep wasting gems from their starting pitchers.

Well, they scored one run, but, fuck. One isn't good enough.

This one hurts, it really does. And the following post is profanity laced because of it.

Before I start the curseage, I've got to tip my hat to A.J. Burnett, who took the mound again and pitched another beauty. Seven innings, six strikeouts, only five hits and two earned runs allowed. Yet he takes the loss. Because he made one mistake. And because the Jays' offence is so fucking pathetic, it cost him.

It's got to be tough to be a starting pitcher on this Jays team, knowing that you have little to no margin for error. Knowing that you have an offence that is, on most nights, not capable of bailing you out. It has got to be incredibly frustrating for each and every member of that Jays pitching staff to watch. If it frustrates the fuck out of me, it must frustrate the fuck out of them even more.

And who the fuck is Ben Zobrist? While Burnett did pitch a gem and is going to allow some runs while he's out there, he walked Eric Hinske before allowing the two-run, game winning, home run to Zobrist.

You don't walk Eric Hinske. Ever. Let him beat you. He is a sac of shit. Damn Shitskie. Ugh. And Zobrist with a two-run shot? Brutal. Zobrist now has four home runs on the season. That's as many as Alex Rios has.

Of course, after relinquishing their one-nothing lead, the Jays had a splendid chance to tie up the game in the 8th inning. Lind was standing on second base with nobody out, thanks to an error by said douchebag Zobrist. He was sacrificed splendidly - well, as splendid as a sacrifice bunt can be - to third by Joe Inglett. One out, a runner 90 feet from home, and the Jays couldn't get get it done. As per the usual.

You have to score that fucking run. Have to. This is Major League God damn baseball. Straight fundamentals should bring that run home. All I'm asking for is a sacrifice fucking fly. Marco Scutaro grounds out to first, and Alex Rios strikes out. Game over.

If last night was the only Blue Jays game you watched all season, it was a shining example of the '08 Jays. A wonderful pitching performance by the starter, nurseage of a small lead, blowage of said lead, and the inability to score runs. It is absolutely unacceptable that Lind did not score in the eighth inning. Especially in a game against the Rays, whom the Jays are chasing for the wild card, and whom the Jays are now 1-6 against this summer. One and six against the Devil Rays. Jesus. Where's the fucking urgency, fellas?

I'm one of the few who has yet to throw in the towel on the Jays season. Yes, that may very well be because I'm an idiot, but, well, go fuck yourself. But it's hard not to be on the brink after last night. And people wonder why Roy Halladay is frustrated. His comments were not surprising, not in the least. Doc's a competitor and he wants to win. This Jays team, and their inability to get it done, must be eating him up inside, like Kramer when he punched his idol Mickey Mantle (I tried to find the YouTube link to the clip but, unfortunately, it does not exist).

I'm also pretty fed up with Rios and his awful plate appearances. Yes, he's been better since Cito took over, but this season has been a massive, massive disappointment for him and, in accordance, me. I know home runs aren't everything, but four? Four home runs? Seriously? Fuck. Even Lind, who's played 24 games to Rios' 90, now has four, after his jack last night.

And, no, I refuse to give Rays starting pitcher James Sheilds any credit for his performance last night. None. Fuck it. Sure, he held the Jays to only one run - the solo jack by Lind - but the Jays have been schooled on too many nights by too many pitchers for me to believe that another pitcher shut down the Jays offence. The Jays hitters simply stink, and are beating themselves. Useless fucks.

I need a drink. Ok, you're right, I need another drink.


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