July 17, 2008

Where's Marvell?

I don't know who, but somebody fucked up. Toronto FC's Marvell Wynne has been left off Major League Soccer's all-star team, and I'm not happy about it. Like Jackie Chiles would say, "it's outrageous, egregious, preposterous!"

It's bad enough that next week's MLS all-star game against West Ham United is being played in Toronto and there are no TFC players in the starting 11, but Wynne won't even be coming off the bench.

Toronto will only be represented by captain Jim Brennan. I've got mad love for Brennan, but if anyone from TFC deserves to be on the all-star team, it's Wynne. Hell, both of them should be on the team. Call me crazy, but I thought MLS would want to name two or three TFC players to the team since the game, you know, is being played in Toronto, arguably the league's most successful franchise and only in its second year of existence. Wild idea, I know, eh?

I'll be honest, I don't know much about the other players that make up MLS outside of Toronto. Sure, David Beckham and Landon Donovan of the LA Galaxy made the all-star team, and deservedly so, but who gives a fuck about those two? I'd rather be cheering on Amado Guevara, Greg Sutton, and Danny Dichio as they take on West Ham. I think most of the die-hard TFC fans who fill BMO Field every game would agree that they'd rather see some of their own boys on the pitch.

But, seriously, how did Wynne not make this team? It's an incredible oversight. I've been to three games so far this season and have had the pleasure of watching Wynne shutdown the opposition each time. There's nobody faster on the pitch than Marvell. The kid can straight fly.

Here's a little writeup on Wynne from an article on ESPN in regards to the all-star game:

"When Wynne entered the league as the No. 1 pick in 2006, he was a raw prospect with unmatched speed and athleticism. While he is still growing as a player, Wynne has enjoyed a breakout 2008. He still has the speed to catch anybody, but he has gotten smarter with his decision-making, has improved his once-awful touch and has shut down some of the league's best."

He doesn't put up numbers, but Wynne's an all-star. Somebody fucked up.


dani said...

I actually voted a while back for Jim Brennan in the all-stars. I was searching for another soccer site and found a link. Awesome.

eyebleaf said...

i love jimmy b. at the most recent game i went to i heard this song:

"you are my brennan, my jimmy brennan.
you make me happpppyyyy when skies are grey.
you'll never know just how much i love you.
please don't take my brennan away!"

it was pretty hype.

i just thought since the game is in Toronto, we should have been better represented.