September 08, 2008

Free Lunch

Thanks for owning the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays (again), and for the free pizza, David Purcey. You are a rudey.

That's eight victories in a row for our Blue Jays, my friends. We're in Chicago for four, beginning tonight. A.J. Burnett will be on the mound for the good guys.

Toronto is now 10 games over the .500 mark. Since the Gastonian one took over behind the wheel, the Jays are 41-27. That's .600 baseball, mes amis.

Speaking of Cito, he deserves some props for leaving Purcey in the game in yesterday's 8th inning. Purcey made his own mess, loading the bases up with two outs, and Gaston let him clean it up. Just another reason why Cito is the man. It's pitching in situations like that that will go a long way in Purcey becoming a full-time major leaguer.

Fun Facts:

During the Jays' super excellent 6-0 homestand last week, they hit 11 home runs. Eleven home runs. By the 2008 Toronto Blue Jays. In six games. Crazy.

When John McDonald, the Prime Minister of Defence, plays, the Blue Jays win. The Jays are 27-18 when Johnny Mac gets the start at shortstop.

You know that Jesse Carlson guy? He's good. In 60 appearances he's sporting a 6-1 record, 1.90 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, and an opponents batting average of .197. He's struck out 51 batters in 52 innings, and he picked up his second save of the season yesterday. And he's a 27-year-old rookie. Another rudey on a roster full of 'em.

Tom Cheek:

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Chemmy said...

You beat the Rays, and passed the Yankees to take third place in the AL East.

Once again, the Sox thank you.