September 07, 2008

Tom Cheek, The Voice Of Your Toronto Blue Jays

It's that time of year again, where we must all aspire to do our part to get the legendary voice of the Toronto Blue Jays, Tom Cheek, awarded the Ford C. Frick Award, for "major contributions to baseball." The award is basically the equivalent of a broadcaster being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, and there is no broadcaster more deserving than the late, great, Tom Cheek.

Cheek was the radio voice of the Blue Jays from 1977 to 2004, and he called a remarkable 4,306 straight games. Cheek's ridiculous streak of consecutive games ended on June 3rd, 2004, when he took two games off after the death of his father. Basically, Cal Ripken ain't got nothing on our man Cheek.

It's hard to believe that Tom left this world almost three years ago, on October 14th, 2005. It's our duty, as Jays fans, to make sure he gets this award. We owe him that much, wouldn't you agree? For more "About Tom," and what he meant to The Tao of Stieb's weekend editor The Ack, click here.

Where you really need to click, though, for the rest of the month, is here, to vote for Tom Cheek for the 2009 Ford C. Frick Award. It takes a couple of minutes to enter in your personal information once you've picked Tom as your selection but, honestly, take the time. If you're reading this blog, you've obviously got nothing better to do. Tom Cheek, the Blue Jays organization, your fellow Blue Jays fans, and especially Cheek's family, would appreciate it.

Voting for the Frick award will take place throughout the rest of September. You can vote once a day, so I'm encouraging you to please do so. Toronto Blue Jays blogs all across Al Gore's internet are spreading the word and if we all do our part, Tom will surely win. Tell your friends. Let's make it happen, folks. For Tom. He will forever be remembered as the voice of the Blue Jays. After a call like the one below, there's no doubt as to why.


The Ack said...

yeah, I let my guard down a little there. I promise next weekend I'll get back to being an artard...

I don't have any doubt Tom will make the final list of 10 candidates, but after that.....

Graeme said...

Are you able to vote on the BBHOF web site? I've tried numerous times, and every time it says that the server did not respond, try again later. I've tried it from 2 different machines, with 2 different browers. No luck. Is it just me?

eyebleaf said...

ack, hopefully everyone will do their part. i really want this for tom.

graeme, welcome to the blog. you should be able to vote from the BBHOF site. it sends you where i was sending you. just copy and paste this link into your browser:

go tom cheek