August 10, 2009

Change of Plans

Justin Pogge is the goaltender of the future. In Anaheim.

Actually, the Ducks have got Jonas Hiller. So I've no idea what the hell they're going to do with Pogge.

That's the point: Toronto Maple Leafs fans no longer have to worry about when Pogge is going to "get it." When Pogge is going to arrive. He's Anaheim's problem, now.

There's no point in taking petty parting shots (my favourite!) at Pogge as he leaves; he's no Andrew Raycroft. He's simply a young goalie who couldn't get it done in this town. One thing's for certain: Toronto's a tough city in which to man the crease. We want results. And we want them fast. We aren't reasonable, and it's the last thing we Leafs fans claim to be.

At the end of the day, Pogge's played in three professional hockey leagues: the WHL, AHL, and NHL. While his NHL sample size is small, he's managed to crack the holy .900 save percentage threshold only in junior hockey, and that isn't good enough. I can't recall another young goaltender so big - six-foot-three, over 200 pounds - who couldn't cover more of the net.

And no, time with new Leafs goalie coach Francois Allaire wasn't an option. Allaire's already got his hands full with Vesa Toskala's five-hole, and Jonas Gustavsson's transition to the North American game. (Monster = playoffs!1)

Good luck, and Godspeed, Pogge. May your posts be kind.


Death By Leafs said...

Trade Proposal:

Justin Pogge (G) & a jar of tears (Jar)


A time machine and the dream that was Tuukka Rask...

general borschevsky said...

We aren't reasonable, and it's the last thing we Leafs fans claim to be.

Well said. Even still, I can't shake the feeling that Pogge gave up on himself before anyone else did.

showcase29 said...

You can call this the TSN turning point of his career...

Mattt said...

How about a Justin Pogge-Joey Graham comparison?

eyebleaf said...

@ Death by Leafs: After the JFJ era, we need a few trips on the time machine. Here's hoping Rask turns out a bust as well; that would make me feel better.

@ General: You said it best in your post about Pogge; just couldn't handle the pressure.

@ Showcase: This is the best thing that could have happened to Pogge. Anaheim? I'd be all over that. Toronto's no place for a young goalie. Hopefully that changes with Gustavsson.

@ Mattt: I think I'm starting to like the Graham-Rios comparison. Pogge's done nothing. He can't be compared to anybody.

Mattt said...

True. It's too bad though because Pogge was someone we all were wanting to succeed

CLS said...

I hadn't thought about how much of a test this season will be for Francois Allaire. If he can turn the Leafs' goaltending into a plus then the guy's legit.

Also, what's the proper pronunciation of 'Pogge'? Please tell me it's the same as "pog" AKA one of the most inexplicable fad in kid toy history (seriously, those things were pretty fucking dumb).

eyebleaf said...

@ Mattt: Let's take our lofty, and probably unrealistic, expectations and place them squarely on the shoulders of one Jonas Gustavsson. Here's hoping the kid is mentally strong. Lord knows Raycroft and Pogge weren't.

@ CLS: Trial by fire for Allaire. There's no better way.

As for Pogge, it's unfortunately not "pog." It's pronounced "Po-Guy" (as in "GUY LaFleur").

bkblades said...

I have to say, quite a muted post about Pogge from you. But I suspect this was a case of "I knew he was all kinds of bad, but damn it, I wish I was wrong about it" overcoming your mind.

And POGs were wicked. I had a POG worth $10 at its peak, but like a horrible GM I held onto it for far too long. Now I use them as small coasters for mini cups, which makes me feel like a giant.

Anonymous said...

WHL is a pro league now?

eyebleaf said...

@ BK: You're right. I wanted him to do well, but after watching him last season, and watching him get benched in the AHL playoffs, knew it wasn't going to happen.

@ Anon: If you've got to be drafted to be in the league, as you do in the WHL, yes, it's a pro league.

The bottom line: Pogge stinks, regardless of which leagues he's played in or not.

CLS said...

That's a bummer it's not pronounced Pog, but I can't say that I was expecting it to be that way.