August 06, 2009

So Long, JR

Growing up, Jeremy Roenick was the object of my affections. The man could do it all. Today, he retired. He'll never win a Stanley Cup. He'll never play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He wanted badly to do both. Life is cruel.

But Roenick had a marvelous career, and his greatness was best personified in NHL 94.

If you've seen this already, my apologies. If not, sit back, and enjoy.

We all pulled those moves. The ridiculous bodychecks, the backhands, the one-timers while not even facing the net, and, of course, the slap shot after cutting across the blue; that one was my favourite. Much like at the 1:55 mark, I too tried to knock the net off from behind after I'd scored. Good times.

Above all else, Roenick loved to play hockey. Here's hoping he remains in the game, in some capacity. The NHL could use a new commissioner.


SL said...

Roenick was vicious in that game. I even acquired him in many a Dynasty Mode as the years went on.

He's the anti-Hull.

Drew - LtB said...

Wraps arounds don't count!!! It's only really 2-1!!!!!!!!

NHL 94 is amazing.

Aquamelli said...

94 Sega Genesis! LMAO classic... love it

Escaped Lab Rat said...

JR as commish would be awesome. Friggin' awesome.

jimmydoggit said...

Such a great clip. My favorite band combined with my favorite (american) player of all time. Eye, you have the best tributes, and we thank you for it :)

Anonymous said...

Boston is your favourite band?