August 15, 2009

Joe Posnanski Responds

It's time for some shameless self-promotion.

After, once again, coming to the defence of J.P. Ricciardi when Sports Illustrated's Joe Posnanski took him to town, the strangest thing happened: Posnanski responded to my blog post. (Huge props out to Pos. He understands that bloggers, and those who read blogs, make up a huge portion of his readership.)

It's not everyday a Senior Writer at SI acknowledges the points I've been trying to make, from my basement, for months now, about Ricciardi. Pos, once again, comes out swinging in response to my criticism of his "Ricciardis" article. The man is nothing if not thorough. And it's hard to argue with him. It's why he's one of the best. While we still may not agree, I can take solace in that he at least understands where I'm coming from.

It's been a long road. Many a debate over Ricciardi's legacy have been waged. If 2009 is the end of the road for J.P., I think I've done my part to dispel the notion that he's been the Antichrist since he took over back in 2002.

The defence rests.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

See, I'm one of J.P.'s most strident critics, but I don't even think he's the Antichrist. He's not even the worst G.M. in the majors (looking at you, Dayton Moore!). I just don't agree with his apparent lack of a long-term plan, his lies to the media and his contract negotiating policies; I understand how they can be defended (and you've made some good points in their favour), but I still think he has to go.

Johnny G said...

You can defend JP and still think he should be fired. It is the nature of the business.

Personally I like a lot of the stuff JP has done, just as I am not happy with some of things, but regardless I think it is time for someone new.

Again with a new president incoming a new GM was pretty much assured regardless of this years outcome.

William said...

I saw the Pos post right after it went up and I was stupid giddy. "I know that guy!" I said to myself. Well, sorta. We're kind of blog buds, but still, it was cool that Pos responded. Of course, he didn't back down any, but still...

It seemed that tonight was the first time Tallet had pitched in a while. Is that correct? And if so, was he hurt and I missed it?

Johnny G said...

Nope Tallet wasn't hurt, he was put back in the bullpen and then a week ago he came in for Cecil when he got hurt and went 5+ innings so it was just like a start.

Mattt said...

Awesome to get the respect that was intended towards you by Pos responding to your comments. You both make some good points...

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