January 05, 2010

"Force Fate"

"With five seconds left, destiny panics."
- Jordan Eberle

You have to admit: that Eberle bit is good. And if you don't like Jarome Iginla, you're probably not a big fan of freedom, either.

There's a lot of terrible television advertising out there. Think Fox 29 Buffalo's "Hurt In A Car? Call William Mattar." Or those insufferable "Grey Power" commercials. So it's official: the above is the finest one minute of advertising ever produced.

Go Canada. Tonight, and forever.

(If you like the track in the commercial, it's "Wolf Like Me" by TV On The Radio.)


looshV said...

Ya WTF's with Gray Power? One might as well refer to it as "Old People's" insurance.A stupid name with even stupider ads.

showcase29 said...

The Caps Rap:


eyebleaf said...

@ LooshV: I find William Mattar's ads even worse. Buffalo has some whack local advertising. I wonder if Celino and Barnes, injury attorneys, and Mattar ever hang out together.

@ showcase: I'd never seen that, and it was pretty unbelievable. I can't believe the actual Capitals associated with it.

Roy-Z said...

Watching Sabres games in NY you get combarded with vein surgery advertising...with Paul Gaustad!

Anonymous said...

The above is a great ad, but the best ever?

To me, nothing compares to Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro's ads. If you weren't lucky enough to watch Fox Rochester in the mid-90s, I suggest you look him up on youtube.

Anonymous said...

I like how a band from Brooklyn kind of makes me feel kind of patriotic.

Grey Power's ad with the crazy lady owns, btw.

Kavel Pubina said...

I love how Dion Phaneuf is prominently featureed in the ad, and yet didn't make Team Canada.

In all of seriousness though, it's a brilliant ad.

Hungry Leafs Fan said...


eyebleaf said...

@ Roy-Z: Seriously, Western New York has some of the most absurd advertising. I think I saw Ryan Miller in an ad recently, too. Kind of glad I haven't seen the vein surgery ad...yet.

@ infieldfly: There's something about that ad that sends chills up my spine. "We do." And as if I didn't waste enough time on YouTube. Thank you!!1

@ northofthe400: I like how a band from Brooklyn kind of makes me feel kind of patriotic.

I couldn't have put it better myself. The song works, though. A great choice by the Gatorade cats.

@ Kavel: Poor Dion. I can't think of another forward to play the role Iginla does, though. Definitely not Sidney. Not Joe Thornton. He's too California. Iginla is perfect. I really hope he wins a Cup one day.

@ Hungry: GOLD!!!1

Tao of Stieb said...

Yeah, I guess destiny will be watching the Olympics from his couch.

American Leafer said...

Nice to see the US win the gold in Juniors. Hopefully it will transfer to the Olympics. On a similar note i could only think Vesa Toskela was in net for Canada's first goal. I think everyone will tend to agree it was a terribly soft goal.

eyebleaf said...

@ Tao: Based on last night's developments, destiny doesn't stop pucks.

@ American Leafer: Props out to the U.S. For them to blow that lead, again, and come back and win ... well, they deserved it. It's good for the tournament that Canada not win EVERY year. And that U.S. team was talented and fast. Fun to watch D'Amigo. Looking forward to him becoming a Maple Leaf. As for Allen, yes, his was a ToskaLOL-type performance.

Reverend Chris said...

no one seems intrigued by the lack of an american version of this add with like chris chelios and sean avery or something? is nike canada that independant? where is the nike india add with pro cricket players and the same song?