January 19, 2010


"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."
- Herman Hesse

That Hesse fellow is right: I hate the fucking terrible, useless goaltender in me, too.


Meredith said...


Johnny G said...

The last goal from Kovie was absolute shit. No screen and a shot from the blue line goes in down low? Unacceptable.

Bhattorious said...

bin a while,

Toskala sucks.....anyway...on your side poll...Bosh.

Looking at the numbers and his play (i have not missed a game this year) Chris Bosh is at the top of his game. Last night in Clevland, the raps should have won that game, with that being said, Lebron beat us last night....back to Bosh, he has the most double doubles, he has the BY FAR the most 20 and 10 nights....even ESPN (who dont even know where Canada is) have put Bosh back in the MVP race....he goes to the line, is the biggest i have ever seen him and is dominating....He is NOT a Lebron or Kobe type player, and his defence is not where Tim Duncans is however, he is a max player....and deserves the cash (well no one really deserves 130 mil)....add to that the core that this raps team has, Bargnani is turning the corner, Derozan looks like he will have a solid career, the point guards are set for 4 to 5 years (if one dosent get traded)and that IS the best PG tandem in the leauge, and next year.....with BC at the helm we can only get better...imagine Joe Johnson at the 2....i can dream.

Go Raps Go


Kavel Pubina said...

I'm sorry, but Toskala is just plain shit.

I know at times the defense isn't helping him all that much, but he's been beaten on shots that any normal, decent goaltender could stop without much effort.

Anonymous said...

If you feel you are horrible, then I must be atrocious. Oh, it's going to be a long ball hockey season replacing you this year.

Bhattorious said...

Hold on, who is replacing u in net....we need solid goaltending for the YCBHL

eyebleaf said...

@ Meredith: He deserves it, no?

@ Johnny G: That Kovalchuk goal was Toskala, personified. Kaberle even kept his stick back, so that Tosk could see it the whole way. Tosk was out on top of his crease, and it still went through him. Fucking useless.

@ BhattiBoy: You're right, Bosh isn't Kobe or Lebron. I don't think anyone is saying he is. He is a star, he just needs some help. I'd like to see a fully developed Bargnani and Bosh play together. But it's dangerous; it's up to Bosh. If he bolts, we're fucked. About the point guards, I can't imagine BC will be content with this scenario. I imagine he'd try to trade Jose. Calderon makes a lot of coin to be splitting duties. As for Joe Johnson ... keep dreaming.

@ Kavel: He's not providing even AHL calibre goaltending. Jeff Blair wrote his column about the Leafs today and he said, in other words, that Toskala should never play again. He does nothing for this team, and is not part of the future. Send him back to Finland.

@ 25th: If you fuck up my pads, we can no longer be friends.

@ BhattBoy: Deaner, bro. I'm going on ... let's call it a sabbatical.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

I think the Toskala situation is settled here in T.O. The question is, is The Monster the answer? Based on his nickname, I say yes. Based on his play?...It's a little less clear.

Bosh is probably in the top 3 of power forwards right now. He deserves a top contract. I don't know if he stays in Toronto, but I'm hoping. I feel like he is partial to leaving for a better team if we don't do well in the playoffs. And yes, I dream about Joe Johnson too. He'd be perfect.