January 26, 2010


"His shortcoming is his long staying."
- Benjamin Disraeli

Because Tomas Kaberle is a relic of difficult days gone bye doesn't mean he can't be part of the solution. He certainly isn't the problem.

Turning 32 in March, and putting up some of the best offensive numbers of his career at a bargain price, Kaberle can't be expected to make up for the franchise's previous mistakes.

There are a ton of marvelous cross-ice passes left on Kaberle's stick. If we're lucky, he'll never make one for anyone but the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Hungry Leafs Fan said...

I'm torn. I love Kaberle, I really do but I don't know whether I want to see him stay or not. Part of me wants him gone. He would definitely bring back a huge piece to help with the rebuild and he could always re-sign with the Leafs when his contract is up. Will I miss him? Yes, but it's all for the greater good. Part of my wants him to stay because I just don't want to see him with another team, like we did with Mats. I don't want another teary reunion. Just remember what a wise man once said: "If you really love someone, let them go, if he come back, he is yours. If he doesn't, maybe it was never meant to be"

Whatever happens, I'll always remember those cross ice feeds.

BCapp said...

I have no problem with him staying. But realistically there is no reason we should keep all 5 of Beauch/Komi/Kaberle/Schenn/White. That will be 5 players making top 4 money (plus finger) and only 4 of them will get top 4 minutes. With Gunny/Orescovich/Mikus pushing I don't see the need to hold onto all 5.

Realistically Komi/Beauch won't be traded b/c they are recent fa signings, and we aren't trading Schenn any time soon.

So that basically means either White or Kaberle should be traded. I am not saying that has to be tomorrow, by any stretch. But I do say with Kaberle's value the highest it has ever been (career numbers with a modest salary), we need to seriously consider it, particularly if we can get good deals.

To sum up, I don't want to push him out the door, but I'd trade him for a good deal with no regrets (tears maybe, but no regrets)

Anonymous said...

Is anyone gunning for Barajas? It would just be the Jays' luck that he would sign for a minot league contract THEN the Jays are fucked outta draft pick!

Mattt said...

Kaberle = Salming (hopefully)

Bhattorious said...

You know what, i am completeley uninspired by the leafs....and this will likely be the case until we have a 1st round pick....in any case, lets stop talking about the crap that the Toronto market has ie....Jays, Leafs and Argos and focus on the only thing that will get us to the post season....The Raptors....

general borschevsky said...

Agree with the sentiment. If the Leafs are able to turn things around in the next couple years, it makes sense that Kaberle should be a part of that.

Kaberle, Komisarek, Beauchemin, White, Gunnarsson, Schenn. As long as they stay healthy that should be an excellent D-group for next season.

eyebleaf said...

@ Hungry: If it's for the greater good, and if Kaberle agrees to waive, the price really has to be right. My point is: let's not trade him for the sake of trading him. That's what everyone seems to want to do this in city. And I think we've seen that once a player does move on via a trade, it's rare for him to come back. At his price, I don't think it makes sense, unless Burke's socks are truly blown off, and I just don't see that happening.

@ BCapp: I don't have a problem with keeping those 5 guys - Komi/Beach/Kabs/White/Schenn - as the core of the defence. Before Komisarek got hurt this latest time, the Leafs seemed to be playing better defensive hockey. And, right now, I don't mind Schenn receiving 5th d-man minutes. He's got a lot of improving to do still, and improve he will. Gunnarsson seems great as the 6th man. Finger and Exelby are dead to me. And you make a good point about Kabby's value; it's at its peak, most likely. I'm with you: a good deal, and there's no regrets. But when was the last time the Leafs made a good deal? I don't have much faith in that respect.

@ Anon: You had to have known that's what would happen with Barajas. This is Toronto, after all.

@ Mattt: When you look at how many points Salming put up, he truly was one of a kind. He was before my time, unfortunately, but Kaberle is definitely my generation's Salming.

@ BhattiBoy: Saying you're uninspired by the Leafs and that you won't be until we have a first rounder is way too simplistic bro. The Leafs have had first rounders for years, and drafted terribly with them. I agree, it sucks, but what the fuck can you do? At least we have Kessel. As for the Raptors, they certainly are looking like a more cohesive unit. Playing strong. Bodes well.

@ General: I'm thinking the rebuild won't take too long. But if this season is any indication, Kaberle's going to be in a wheelchair by the time the Leafs are good. Burke wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't explore a trade; I guess that's why it irks so many people when he says he won't ask Tomas to waive his no-trade. If the right deal comes along, he has to ask him. But it's got to be the right deal. I've got faith in Burke in that he won't make a trade just for the sake of trading. Lord knows he would have done it by now if that was the case. And I like that group of six, too. Looking forward to Komisarek's return. Dude's been injured a lot this season.