September 30, 2010


"No pressure, no diamonds."
- Thomas Carlyle

After watching Nazem Kadri score two goals, one using the fabled toe drag, and pick up an assist Wednesday night -- how the hell did we get by before Leafs TV's Game In An Hour? -- I couldn't help but think to myself: Mash'Allah!

Kadri's Muslim. Have you heard?

That's a Getty Image, friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Bautista... This guy got me excited about baseball! Double-A HAS to build a team around him now. You just can't waste such a prime. With the Rays slashing payroll and Jeter/Mo/Posada/Pettite just about washed up, A-Rod getting worse and Burnett just due for an injury, THIS is the time for the Jays to load up and go for it all.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

The fate of the Rays and Yankees makes this off-season that much more important, and exciting to look forward to. But: Kadri! Did you see that toe drag?