May 05, 2008

Best Save Ever...For Real This Time

Evgeni Nabokov already made the save of the playoffs a few weeks ago, but he one-upped himself yesterday. He was at his ridiculous-robbery-best again last night, and I think this one's even better, considering it was overtime and his team was facing elimination.

He and his Sharks may have lost the game, and the series, but Nabokov's a straight rude boy.

Best. Save. Ever.


Down Goes Brown said...

I really think that they may be the best I've ever seen, considering the circumstances. Cujo's OT save against Joe Nieuwendyk and Kirk McLean's double pad stack against the Flames in 1994 are both in the discussion too, but Nabakov may have them beat.

aneesa said...

That save was amazing. I think Nabakov should win the Vezina.

karan said...

was up late watching till 3OT..this save was nasty..made me think back to the days when i was the second best goalie behind one navin Vaswani on frank rivers drive.