May 22, 2008

This Is Our House, and Yes Man U!

What a difference a year makes for the boys down at BMO Field. After last night's 1-0 victory over DC United, the local football heroes are undefeated in six games and making their way up the Major League Soccer standings.

I took in the action yesterday and it was a wet and chilly night. Not exactly end of May weather, but nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to the temperature around these parts. As a Torontonian my toque is always ready, eh. And I forgot all about the rain and nippy-ness after a few beers.

So, how about Toronto FC? Things have certainly changed since they were bitch slapped 4-1 by DC United back on April 5th. They haven't lost since. The team is winning games, scoring goals, and, much like the "This Is Our House!" chant that filled the air last night, dominating at home.

With a 4-2-2 record TFC sits in fourth place in the Eastern Division. More impressive is the fact that they opened up the season with back-to-back losses. They wrapped up a beauty of a homestand last night with a 3-0-2 record, outscoring the opposition five-to-one in the five games.

Rewind to last year when TFC couldn't score - 25 goals in 30 games - and won only six games all season. It's like night and fucking day. Eight games into this campaign and TFC already has four victories and nine goals. Needless to say, the addition of cats like Amado Guevara and Laurent Robert have been huge.

And how about that Danny Dichio fellow? He's fun to watch on the tube but you really come to appreciate him after you watch him play live. He's all over the pitch. He scored the lone goal last night in the seventh minute, made a wonderful defensive play to save a goal in the 64th minute, and was throwing elbows all game long. To say he's "physical" out there is an obese understatement. It's no wonder Dichio is already a Toronto folk legend and revered by TFC fans. He's a blue collar guy and this city quickly falls in love with his type.

If you haven't been down to BMO Field to check out some hot, steamy TFC action, what the hell are you waiting for? The atmosphere is great. Passionate fans, colourful chants, flying streamers, and, as the cherry on top, an improved product on the field.

My only complaint? The MLSE standard $9.25 can of Carlsberg. That's robbery. Grab a few pints before the game or be smart in life and sneak in a mickey.

Before I go, I've got to show some love to my other boys, the Red Devils of Manchester United. European champions once again, please! Thankfully I was able to catch the game at work, and it was a beauty. For the record, I hate penalty kicks. My heart skipped a beat when John Terry's attempt to seal the deal for Chelsea nicked the post and went wide. I wonder how many drinks it took the poor guy to get some sleep last night. The woodwork was certainly not kind to the Blues yesterday.

And does it get much dumber than Didier Drogba's antics? While his little slap to the face of Vidic wasn't Zidane-like crazy, it was enough to get him red carded. And if Drogba's still in the game he's definitely one of Chelsea's five penalty takers, likely keeping Terry out of the box. What a shame!

The "double" is complete. "Glory, glory Man United." Indeed.


bkblades said...

I was hoping both teams got disqualified at Champions for fielding some of the biggest douchebags (Ronaldo, Rooney, and Cole) in football. I guess the argument could be made that every member of ManU and Chelsea are douchebags, but that's another story altogether. And yes, I'm a Gooners fan. Why do you ask? ;)

As for the TFC experience, if MLSE ever cared about public perception and fan relations, the Leafs would be unstoppable at the ACC judging by the passion and unbridled emotion parlayed at BMO Field. As much as I hate the Baston Red Sawx (they're pronounced with O's you tea throwing massholes!), they would never be caught dead with empty seats and disinterested corporate suits filling up 50% of Fenway.

eyebleaf said...

haha, bitter much about Man U's victory? Arsenal is a great team too. i'm a big fan of adeybayor. he is sick.

as for TFC, i guess we should just be happy that they're NOT the leafs. and you're right about the sox, the crap that goes on here in the stands wouldn't happen there.