May 31, 2008

Celtic Pride

Kevin Garnett is one intense motha sucka. The Big Ticket, along with his pals Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, are off to the NBA finals. Lakers and Celtics, baby! It don't get much better than that.

It's difficult, and embarrassing, to believe that I actually thought the Toronto Raptors would be a better team than the Boston Celtics this season. It's difficult, and embarrassing, to believe that I actually thought the Raptors would finish higher than the Celtics in the standings and win the Atlantic Division.

It's one thing to be a homer - and that I most certainly am - but it's another to be a complete idiot. And that, clearly, I am as well. But it's not like this is a first. I've been wrong many times before, and I suspect the trend will continue.

Anyway, I've always been a big Garnett fan. He is everything I want Chris Bosh to eventually become. Now that the Detroit Pistons are out of the way, KG is off to the finals for the first time, and I'm rooting for his Celtics. Not because the ungrateful city of Boston needs to celebrate another championship, but because the Celtics have been awful for a long, long time. And because KG deserves a ring. Along with Pierce. And Allen too. These guys have paid their dues.

Oh, and also because I hate Kobe Bryant. No, like really hate him. He is the ultimate douchebag.


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