October 16, 2009

Gone Vegasin'

I'm off to the beautiful, sunny, and warm Las Vegas strip. I've got bets to make: $100 each on the Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup, the Raptors to win the NBA Finals, and the Blue Jays to win the World Series.

I'm hoping the stars will align and, in the end, deliver the trifecta. Considering my odds, I might be able to retire. Freedom 27.

When I return, I trust I'll find the Maple Leafs in the win column.

See you next week.

(And let me know what you think of the white background.)


Meredith said...

Don't do it, I bet you. Spend that $300 on a sure thing - get a lapdance.

Meredith said...

Don't do it, I BEG you. Kind of a funny typo.

Steve G. said...

Sadly, I'm not even sure which of those three would have the longest odds. I'm guessing the Blue Jays, just because World Series betting from other teams would probably force the line up more for the Jays.

Ian H. said...

Good luck my friend! And I just remembered that you and Mr. Amell should do a recap of your bet earlier this year. Don't forget to get the picture with Wilner!

Hungry Leafs Fan said...

Best of luck at the tables!

I miss the blue background. I kept waiting for it to load then I figured you changed it since the font was black. I'll get used to it.

Bhattorious said...

Do it, i would do the same to be able to cheer for my team for more reasons than pride......

And the leafs will wait for you to come back before they win.

I like the blue better.....white is too bright, hurts my sensitve eyes....


On The Fence Sports said...

White is okay, just have to change the Banner with Kaberle, The Doc, and Bosh.

What happened with the width of each column? Everything is soooo skinny.

Enjoy Vegas.

Loser Domi said...

did you get three columns? it does look a mite skinnier.

and best of luck in Vegas! I'd have to agree with Meredith and go for the sure lapdance.maybe just 20$ on each bet?

Kavel Pubina said...

Have fun in Las Vegas.

Don't worry, the Leafs will have won at least two games by the time you return to Toronto.

bkblades said...

Meredith clearly knows what she's talking about in terms of getting the most out of Vegas. She must be a kicking travel agent, if I ever need to ask her for advice on places she has been to in her travels.

Hopefully, your presence will do wonders for the fortunes of Toronto.

furcifer said...

If you find a lapdance in Vegas for $20 let me know. I also sort of miss the blue background.

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