October 08, 2009

A long, cold, harsh winter ...

Cito Gaston isn't going anywhere. So saith Jeff Blair in yesterday's discussion about the playoffs (and the Blue Jays). And according to Blair's colleague Robert MacLeod, pitching guru and father of the staff Brad Arnsberg is soon to be relieved of his duties.

You tell me: how the hell am I supposed to believe in Alex Anthopoulos if he agrees to keep Cito around, while allowing Arnsberg - in whom I trust - to leave? I'd really rather not get started on the wrong foot with Toronto's new general manager.

It's all happening backwards.

A new president should hire a new GM, and the new GM should bring in the manager of his choice. The interim president shouldn't be appointing a new interim-but-maybe-not-interim GM, even if it is an in-house promotion. Said new GM shouldn't be agreeing to keep the current manager, in whose honour there's recently been a reported clubhouse mutiny.

It all certainly bodes well.

And this, from the Blair discussion ...

eyebleaf: "Jeff, on a scale of 1-10, what are the chances Doc is a Blue Jay on opening day?
Blair: "One."

It's going to get worse, before it gets better.


William said...

I believe it is a mistake to keep Gaston at this point. If you have a new GM, let him choose his own guy. You are right in your statements about that. If the mutiny that was or wasn't, hadn't become an issue, I don't know if I'd feel the same. But since that news, Gaston was a lame duck in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree: Keeping Cito and turfing Arnsberg is just about as far from what this team needs as you can get in terms of coaching.

But look at the bright side. If Arnsberg goes, the pitchers might stay healthy through a full season! (and if not, it's time to really start re-evaluating the Jays' strength and conditioning programs)

The Ack said...

I keep telling myself to let all the chips fall before I judge and fall into a deep depression.

It's not working.

Not so coincidentally, I pulled out the classic Cinderella album "Long Cold Winter" and put it in my morning drive rotation. Sad, but true.

Tao of Stieb said...

So that I might maintain my sanity, I'm going to pretend that Alex the Ant knows all and more than any of us, and that these are all correct decisions and will be proven right with time.

Because the alternative is too much to even ponder.

QJays said...

Incidentally, have there ever been any rumblings by the players about Arnsberg -- I know this whole thing with Cito was kind of rare. My impression was both that Arnsberg is doing a good job generally and that the players like him. It seems a big jump to assume much of anything before a president is named, but clearly AA can make some changes -- new set of promotions and firings earlier today. (mlb.com)

TC said...

How can we believe in Anthopoulis anyway. Why do the Jays insist on hiring unproven GM's. Ash, Ricciardi, now Anthopoulis, when will they learn.


looshV said...

The Agony!! I'm dying inside as a Toronto sports fan right now.....this is killing me.