November 05, 2009

A Prophecy Realized

Here's what I wrote back on October 8th ...

"It's going to get worse, before it gets better."

Well, according to the picture above, we've reached bottom.

Think about it: A.J. Burnett, hi$ 5.27 po$t-$ea$on ERA, and hi$ New York Yankee$ teammate$ are World $erie$ champion$.

Paul Beeston, unable to complete the one task he was brought in to accomplish, conveniently tossed aside the "interim" in "interim president." Staying along with him: Cito Gaston, a manager who's worn out his welcome among both players and fans, and who now has an expiry date.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have won one game. Out of 13.

The Buffalo Bills are - you guessed it - last in the AFC East. Terrell Owens? One touchdown.

It's too early for the Toronto Raptors to have disappointed us. But in all likelihood, they probably will. (On an aside, Charles Oakley remains one of the greatest quotes of all time: "These days with these guys I don't know if you can say too much to them without them breaking down and crying, like a girl. It is what it is." Don't ever change, Oak.)

It can't get much worse. Which is why it's going to get better.

Hideki Matsui, World Series MVP Hideki Matsui, is going to look pretty good in the Blue Jays' lineup as their designated hitter.

Vernon Wells had wrist surgery. As my man 40 put it so eloquently years ago: "That changes everything!!1"

The Maple Leafs' search for a goaltender has finally been called off. In Jonas Gustavsson, they've found their man. The Monster and his .901 save percentage will keep the puck out. If Tuesday night was any indication, Phil Kessel will take care of putting the puck in the net. Toronto is a four-game winning streak and another overtime loss away from 6th spot in the Eastern Conference. (Provided the eight teams between them lose five in a row, of course. It could happen.)

Fuck the Bills. They're hopeless.

As for the Raptors, it's never too early for the Chris Bosh "MVP!!1" chant.

When you're at the bottom, the only place to go is up.

(Unless Alex Anthopoulos trades Roy Halladay. Then all bets are off. Fuck.)


On the Fence Sports said...

We are not at rock bottom just yet.

The Jays will trade Halladay and finish dead last in the AL East in 2010. With the young guys developing with the Rays and the Orioles combined with the loss of Halladay, we are in for a tough 2010 season. Still going to see me at the Dome taking in the games though.

The Yanks deserved the World Series this year. Look at all the mistakes the Yanks didn't make with all the mistakes their opponents did make. No errors in the field and no mental mistakes on the base paths and everything will fall into place.

BTW, you off to another corner of the globe in the coming weeks?

On The Fence Sports

eyebleaf said...

Even if the Jays trade Doc, they'll still finish ahead of the Orioles.

I'm going to be a good sport, and give the Yankees their due: Conratu$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I'm done traveling for a bit. I'm exhausted.

Space Weed said...

Great Article dude. The Raps are getting better (namely Bargnani), The Leafs are gonna get better, and when Selig gets canned and the newer competent commish comes in and puts a cap in, the Jays will be on top

PPP said...

T.O.'s got one receiving touchdown but he also has one rushing one!


Who knew that an aging wide receiver with alligator arms wouldn't be able to turn two below average quarterbacks into good players?

But yes, it'll get better.

Gustavsson is .908 as a starter.

Anonymous said...

And the Argos suck too!

eyebleaf said...

@ Space Weed: Bargnani had 12 rebounds last night. LAST NIGHT. And Bud Selig is never retiring.

@ PPP: Trent Edwars is not a below average quarterback!!!!!1

And I'm currently blushing at that .908 save %. Gets me every time.

@ Anon: Who are the Argos?

kushnir said...

yankees.... fuck

Ian H. said...

I just realized it wasn't a bad dream - the Yankees actually won the World Series. Shit.

showcase29 said...

Andrew Raycroft is enjoying his time with the Canucks much more than previous stints in Colorado and Toronto. It helps that Vancouver has tightened up defensively since star goalie Roberto Luongo joined six other players on the injured list with a hairline rib fracture. Raycroft was pulled from a 7-2 loss in Anaheim after giving up four goals on 22 shots through two periods, but he shut out Colorado in the next game on Sunday and was great in making 22 saves in a 4-1 win over the Rangers on Tuesday. Add in a 2-1 shootout win over Los Angeles in his first start Oct. 29 and a couple of tidy relief appearances, and the once widely maligned goalie leads the NHL with a 1.53 goals-against average and is second with a .937 save percentage. "It's night and day," said of the difference from playing behind porous losing teams in Toronto and Colorado. "I haven't enjoyed this for a few years, and I forget how much fun it is. The last few years you get three, four, five chances a period, and it makes a big difference when you only get three, four, five, six chances over the game. When you play in these tight games as a goalie, I'd rather it be 1-0 the whole night and have to just really be under the gun and have to make saves all night. It's a lot more fun to play and it's a lot easier for me."

(Yahoo! Sports)

William said...

As a guest here, I will refrain from stating my Yankee glee. Been a fan for a long, long time and this one is sweet...perhaps the sweetest.

But coming here regularly, I have come to appreciate fans in other cities and with other allegiences (don't think I spelled that right). I have rooted for your guys and have grown to really like Halladay and your big right fielder. I enjoy your fandom and your passion. I wish you all get the joy soon that I'm feeling right now.

Bhattorious said...

Go Raps Go.....PLEASE

eyebleaf said...

@ Kush & Ian: Read Joe Posnanski's "The Yankees Payroll." He nails it.

@ Showcase: Great to see Raycroft taking individual responsibility for his pathetic career. He was on fire to start last season in Colorado as well. He'll go back to being the terrible goalie he is soon enough. What a prick.

@ William: Congrats mate. We hope to feel the joy of winning once again, too. Enjoy the off-season.

@ Bhatti-Boy: What the hell is wrong with Jose?

QJays said...

I got no input on most of that - though the above quote on Raycroft is great - as a Canucks fan. I do still like to think that Ruiz could be our Matsui next year, or maybe Lind will begin a long career at DH. Either way, I'm just gonna take a deep breath and try to keep my chin half-way up till spring.

On The Fence Sports said...

Anyone think Matsui would ever sign in Toronto? Newspapers in Japan are already speculating on where he will end up come Spring 2010. Many are thinking he will land in Seattle with Ichiro.

I can't see the Yanks signing him to be their DH when they have the money to spend on Jason Bay or Matt Holliday. Shedding Matsui/Damon's contracts will free up around $26million. That is more than enough to sign Holliday and/or Bay.

If they did add both Holliday/Bay, that would make one dirty lineup.

On The Fence Sports

Bhattorious said...

Jose will be fine, you have to remember, he was the gut who had the ball all the time, now you got Hedo and Jack, Jose will learn where he has to be to get his shot off, but forget all that we need him to play D....i honestly think Jack will take over the PG position and Jose will be traded for a top SG....Joe Johnson anyone...

Mattt said...

We're not at the bottom yet but we definitely can see it. The Raps are gonna do something good this season. They have the potential to be very good so have faith.

40 said...

If AA can somehow convince the Cubs to change thier mind and be interested in Vernon, it will indeed be a "this is love" instance!