June 06, 2010

Stealing Home: 30/30

Thirty MLB ballparks. Fifty-five days. Done.

I'm headed back to Toronto; due back home Monday evening. My travels are done, but Stealing Home continues. Stay tuned for the rest of the series, and thanks for coming along with me on what was one incredible journey; one that I will never, ever forget.

I'll see you at the SkyDome.


The Man With The Golden Arm said...

Congrats on your journey!
Glad you made it around the US of A safely. Can't wait to hear your stories.
When you settle in, look me up. We will hit up a game, my treat.

ben wideman said...

Wow, so glad you got to get on the field for your last game.

Congrats on the monumental feat!

Steve G. said...

Congrats dude! I've definitely enjoyed following along.

William said...

Congrats on the marathon and for the great times along the way. Looking forward to the rest of the articles.

eyebleaf said...

@ The Man: Thanks, dude. I will be in touch.

@ Ben: Huge props to the Mariners. And thanks.

@ Steve: Cheers! There's more to come, including epically awful ballparks like Sun Life Stadium in Miami, and the Oakland Coliseum.

@ k of c: Thanks! The entire trip was a fantastic experience. I'm sure we could share tons of bus horror stories. And some good ones, too, hopefully. Thanks for reading.

@ William: Been a whirlwind. Looking forward to some down time back in Toronto (I FREAKING LOVE THIS CITY), and some time to write coherently. Thanks for all the comments, buddy.

Aquamelli said...

welcome home - thank you so much for articles at the G&M - very very informative stuff and very interesting