June 14, 2010

Stealing Home: Loonies!1


Loonies! The game within the baseball game. Not enough people are playing it. At least I didn't see enough people playing it on #TBRTOAL.

Read all about the beautiful game and how it's played at GlobeSports.com. And remember: Know Your Limit. Play Within it.


QJays said...

Eyeb - great work at the Globe, and it sounds like a great game. A few thoughts.
First, you could increase the stakes (but complicate things) by "owning" your batter when he is on base - i.e. if he steals, you get a $, if he gets picked off or caught stealing you pay. Any runner that erases his own single (and I agree re: walks being a $ too) should not be worth the $ for the single (actually, perhaps all monies received for the hit should be forfeited and then 1$ paid for the out - puts base stealing into perspective). But a hitter that takes the risk and makes a single into a double by stealing should provide value.

My feeling is that the runner does more than the batter (though not entirely) in forcing wild pitches and passed balls, so you could possibly keep the stealing rule for any form of runner advancement, though this seems awfully debatable. Just trying to cover all the bases.

I have to fully disagree with rewarding sac flies (and presumably squeezes) with a $, but not a fielder's choice RBI. This assumes that every bunt and long fly ball are intentional sacrifices, and not attempts to get on base. And if a batter is "trying" to hit a sac fly (which I don't believe is ever the primary intention) but ends up grounding to 1st and accomplishes the same outcome (an out and a run) why is that any different? I would recommend any combinination of 1 out and 1 run be a push and any out without a run be a pay, or else that any out with an advanced runner be a push and any out with a run be a $ -- just my opinion.
Keep it up.

Mike D said...

I've seen this game once before, at a Las Vegas 51s game I was at in April. But the 'Merkins playing it called it Quarters. They also referred to Brett Wallace's legs as Ham Hocks.

Anonymous said...

I assume the +/- rules are reversed when the opposing team is up?

If not...not body’s death, but body’s banishment.

Aquamelli said...

Just got done listening to your interview from the FAN... good shit brother

eyebleaf said...

@ QJays: By increasing the stakes with ownership of the runner, believe me, it would get too complicated. Usually people are drinking, and you don't want to be passing money down the row. The guy who has the hat either puts money in, or takes money out. It's simpler that way. You do make some good points about the runner being picked off or stealing a base. He's either cost the team an out, or added a base to his value. Alas, he's not batting. Also: I think you're right about the fielder's choice RBI being worth a loonie. I think I like this best: any out with an advanced runner be a push and any out with a run be a $. Thanks for the input, and the kind words, mate. LOVE that you took the game so seriously!

@ Mike D: Quarters, eh? I guess it works. Vegas, quarter slot machines. Plus, the economy's all fucked up down there. And I can't wait to see HAM COCKS up in the bigs.

@ Anonymous: That's bloody brilliant. We never thought of that. I'm going to have to try that, although I'm worried that means a lot more money going into the hat than coming out.

@ Aqua: Thanks, brother.