September 16, 2009

"Don't even look. It's Gone."

Win #66, in game #145, might have been the best one yet. Think about it. A Roy Halladay victory in New York. Five home runs, two by Travis Snider. Adam Lind officially joining the 30 HR/100 RsBI club. And, best of all: donneybrook!1

I could go on: Brett Cecil's body shot; Cito Gaston, ready to throw down; 5-10 John McDonald, all up in this bitch like he's 6-4; the priceless look on Ricky Romero's face.

For one night, the Toronto Blue Jays were again fun to watch. Ridiculous as it may sound, I love a good brawl on the diamond. I needed yesterday to happen. I'd been waiting for it.

By the time the dust settled in the 8th inning, I'd forgiven Jesse Carlson for his subpar 2009. For once, a Toronto Blue Jays pitcher stood up for his hitters. And it was beautiful. It's one thing for Randy Ruiz to get hit, in the face no less, by a Josh Towers whatever-he-throws. It's another for Edwin Encarnacion to get plunked. But no team, especially not our AL East rival, puts a ball to the back of Lighthouse Hill without retribution. For far too long had the Jays been pushed around without shoving back. And let no one tell you otherwise; it's always more fun to push back against the Yankees.

Somebody, please, a contract for Rod Barajas; .273 OBP and all.

In the end, yes, we're all glad no one was seriously hurt. More importantly, all of Toronto is hoping Jorge Posada's feelings aren't damaged beyond repair. A ball being thrown behind him; imagine! Poor baby. Rod Black's most epic call of the season - "Don't even look. It's gone." - rings true not only to the absolute bomb Snider hit to right field last night, but also to the respect I once had for Jorge.

And, yes, I will continue to believe that Johnny Mac's left to the side of Joe Girardi's head was no accident. It makes the tale that much better.

"It's a beautiful thing. Especially since Carlson didn't leave the dugout when he was ejected. Showing off the welt on his head in great pride, while Jorge was in the back crying and shaking uncontrollably. I would have liked to see Wells run up on A-riod [sic] with a bat and just crack him in the back of the knee. Two problems solved, no more A-roid, and no more Wells. There's always tomorrow...."
- AE, commenter at Drunk Jays Fans

UPDATE: The lovely and talented Joanna from Hum and Chuck has video up of the fight. Go and relive it. In all its glory.


Mike D said...

Tallet was in there pretty quick for tomorrow's starting pitcher - 4th man in. Retaliation tomorrow is guaranteed.

William said...

whoah! I need to find some footage of this one. Totally missed it.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

That really was one of the most interesting games of the past year. Although I'm still waiting for us to actually HIT someone in retaliation. Still, good response by the boys. At least we can lose with dignity. (Although we got them good yesterday).

Mattt said...

Humandchuck has a link to the fight. Makes me remember why I support these guys no matter how bad it gets. They did Toronto proud last night... said...

"By the time the dust settled in the 8th inning, I'd forgiven Jesse Carlson for his subpar 2009"

I was thinking the exact same thing. I wouldn't put up a fight if the Jays kept him around as the #11 pitcher and all purpose plunking/don't talk shit to me machine. Pink backpacks make you strong.

"Dave Schultz" said...

I believe in Rod Barajas.

Al Leiter's Bullpen Catcher said...

Love that quote "Two problems solved, no more A-roid, and no more Wells. There's always tomorrow."

Was funny to see A-Rod just sitting back there, like a little girl. Smart though considering his hip problems.

Did you see Shelley Duncan going after your boy Barajas? Hes a lunatic.

eyebleaf said...

@ Mike D: The Summer of Tallet may reach its climax tonight.

@ William: Check the update; Joanna's got video up.

@ Escaped: That's the funniest part; nobody was plunked. In a way, it might have worked out best. Usually when a guy's beaned, he runs to the mound like a chump (see Youkilis, Kevin), and nothing happens. This time it happened on a scoring play, and it was great.

@ Mattt: Amazing what a brawl can do for team morale. It should have happened two months ago. But I'll certainly still take it now.

@ matthias: It doesn't take much to get back into my good books. Joanna quoted Carlson saying "It doesn't even hurt." He's even more awesome than I thought.

@ Schultzy: You and me both.

@ Leiter: That comment from DJF was hilarious. There's at least two per game that make you laugh out loud. Hopefully A-Rod and Duncan get what's coming to them tonight. Yes, I am condoning and promoting more baseball violence.

Ian H. said...

All is forgiven with Carlson!