September 12, 2009

A Tale of Three GMs; Part III: Brian Burke


"I told the players you should care about winning as much as I do or you'll play somewhere else."

About the playoffs (!!1):

"That's our goal. It's our intention to reach that goal and we believe we have the talent to get there."

That. Those quotes. Above. That's why Brian Burke is the perfect man to be leading the Toronto Maple Leafs. The GM should want it just as bad as the fans do.

Burke's perfect. If he adds Phil Kessel without trading Tomas Kaberle, and/or a first round draft pick, I will seriously begin to - you guessed it - plan the parade.

Can you recall a training camp and pre-season in recent memory that you were so excited about?

I didn't think so.


Mike D said...

I hope you're right, after what we've had to endure with the Jays this summer. But then there's this:

I can only hope that the Leafs, like V-Dub, defy logical explanation for an entire season.

kidkawartha said...

That prospectus is a pile of crap. How can you drop your GF/GA ratio by 21 and move DOWN in the standings by 5 slots?
And their projected defensive rating is just complete B.S. 29th? Ya, and I have some cheap property on the T.O. waterfront for sale.

Mattt said...

I'm just happy to be excited about a Toronto hockey team for the first time in a long time. The Raptors look like they're going to be pretty entertaining at least and hopefully more. Bring on winter...

blurr1974 said...

I believe in Brian Burke.


eyebleaf said...

@ MikeD: I certainly do not believe in that article from puck prospectus. And Vernon Wells will rise next year. Trust me.

@ KK: I have cheap waterfront property in T.O., too!

@ Mattt: I certainly am not looking forward to winter, but the Leafs and Raptors will make it easier to deal with, that's for sure.

@ Blurr: That's why you're my boy.

Garrett Bauman said...

Great post. I agree, it's about time this team returned to having a GM as passionate about winning as the players are.

And, just for the record ...

... I believe in Matt Stajan.



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