September 05, 2009


For the most selfish of reasons, I'm happy Roy Halladay didn't no-hit the New York Yankees last night. Actually, perhaps happy isn't the right word. Let's go with relieved. If it happened - if Ramiro Pena didn't hit that double to right field in the sixth inning - while I chose not to be there, I'm not sure what I would have done with myself. (Other than be deeper down a bottle than I've ever been before.) I think I might have died.

Mission Doc - to be in attendance for every Roy Halladay start at the SkyDome this season - hit the wall last night. I don't know if it was because the Toronto Blue Jays have crushed my soul with their recent play, or because Doc has looked remarkably average while not throwing his best pitch while on the mound. Probably a combination of both. Instead of being in attendance, I was live blogging the game for The Score and, by the fifth inning, I knew I'd made the wrong decision. Doc was rightfully punishing my apathy.

Don't get me wrong, I'd have loved to see Doc throw a perfect game, or a no-hitter. Lord knows he's talented enough to do it. Before each and every start he makes, the thought crosses my mind: this could be it. And through five innings Friday night, I thought Doc's destiny had arrived.

Have you ever seen Doc pitch better? It might have been his finest hour. Against the high octane New York Yankees, the best team in baseball, no less. First-pitch strikes; ground ball after ground ball; mind-blowing movement on his pitches; a bases loaded strikeout, looking, of Alex Rodriguez. I know I've said it before, but what a treat Harry Leroy III is to watch.

A complete game, one-hit shutout. Nine strikeouts. Only 111 pitches; 73 of them strikes. Thanks, Doc. I'll never question you again.

Luckily for me, yesterday's game didn't hit the four hour mark. Otherwise I'd have been worried about my erection.

Kevin "You're Such A Disease" Millar

Drunk Jays Fans' Stoeten was kind of pissed off that Cito Gaston had everyone's favourite Blue Jay Kevin Millar batting cleanup last night. I think we can all agree that it makes zero sense for Millar to be in that position, while Randy Ruiz sits on the bench. While I'm certainly not aboard the "Fire Cito" train my man Drew-LtB is riding, I understand the frustration.

Anyway, there's no point in extolling just how God-awful Millar truly is. I'm sure he's a fine human being, and a dear in the clubhouse, but he's useless on the baseball field. Make him a bench coach, if he's that fucking great to have around. But get him off the field.

Now that Mark Rzepczynski's been shut down, I selfishly propose that Millar take his spot in the rotation. If he does, all will be forgiven. I could use some motivation to watch this team. And I sure as hell could use the entertainment.


William said...

It was Roy Halladay at his best and I predicted it. A pitcher as good as he is may get in a funk for a few games, but not for long.

You know my feelings about Millar. He's bloody awful. I still think Cito Gaston is a great manager though.

QJays said...

It was a masterful performance, and Cito's managing continues to be an unfortunate distraction. Halladay rose above Cito last night, but unfortunately most players on this team are not like him.

Mattt said...

Millar is the ying to Halladay's yang. They both need each other in order to exist or the universe would collapse...

Steve G. said...

Didn't Cito get run out of time the first time for questionable playing time decisions, like not playing Shawn Green? It sounds like a bit of a redux if Kevin Millar is batting cleanup over Ruiz, although at least a prospect isn't being screwed over in the process.

On The Fence Sports said...

"Otherwise I'd have been worried about my erection."


K said...

Dude I started thinking about you and your post informing us you weren't going in the fourth.

I took my God Daughter to the game (yankee fan) and it her first ever and my first of the year and it just didn't seem right that I might have witnessed it and a dedicated fan like yourself got f*****.

GD number 9 hitter.
Didn't Roberto Kelley of the Yankees break one of Stiebs bids?