November 29, 2008

Sharing Is Caring

That's what I was taught since I was but a little tyke and, dammit, my mother raised me right.

With that life lesson in mind, I urge you, all my fellow baseball, Toronto Blue Jays, and Roy Halladay fans, to go and check out A Day in the Life Existence of Roy Halladay, penned by Ghostrunner on First's Lloyd the Barber.

It is, as The Tao of Stieb wrote in the comments, the "post of the year." The Ack left a gem in the comments section too, so make sure you check it out as well.

My favourite part of Doc's day would have to be his 5:45 AM workout:
"Begin first set of daily calisthenics. Strap on aerobic truck tire and attach 14 pounds of raw, bloodied steak to said truck tire. Release hounds. Run. Collect and kennel starving, exhausted dogs."
Lloyd the Barber and The Reverend hold it down over at Ghostrunner on First. The blog, definitely one of the better Blue Jays ones out there, has also joined's Sports Federation, and the words above their new site advertisements ring true throughout all the lands: "Eatin ain't Cheatin'." Good on you, fellas.

Go and read the post, and add the Ghostrunner to your RSS. That post, it's why we blog. It's why we read blogs. You're not going to find that type of golden material anywhere but on Al Gore's internet.

*Picture courtesy of Don't sue me, yo. 


Loser Domi said...

For protein, two locally raised (but not from a mill) puppies.


eyebleaf said...

Roy Halladay is always looking out for the community.

Anonymous said...

"The only person that can handle Roy's stare is Roy."


fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

Just imagine if we didn't have Halladay in our rotation. Thank you for sticking around and please don't leave us for greener pastures.

eyebleaf said...

@ 25th: Like The Tao said, that shit belongs on a t-shirt.

@ Fantasy: Seriously bro. The Ack wrote today about the articles over at The Globe and Mail about trading Halladay. If it happens, I will suffer from a broken heart. I can't picture Doc in anything but a Blue Jays uniform. And I don't want to picture Doc in anything but a Blue Jays uniform. I still have faith in this club in 2009 under Cito Gaston.

The Ack said...

Seriously, someone should frame that blog post and send it to Doc. He might be angered that some parts of his day were understated, though.

yeah dude, I've been worrying about Doc a little lately. The only way he should ever pitch anywhere else is if he asks for it. And then, of course, JP would be powerless to prevent it (re: the stare).

eyebleaf said...

I hope that one day, Doc does get to read it.

And you're right, the only way Doc leaves is if he asks to be let out. If JP gets a call about Doc, he should say he's not interested, because Doc's not moving. And there's no way JP should be calling anyone about Doc.

Until Doc gives the word, he's a Blue Jay. Cut and dry.

Ian H. said...

I think if somebody shows Halladay that post at spring training, he might possibly crack a smile.