November 11, 2008

Thank You...

We are forever grateful...

*Picture courtesy of The Toronto Star


Escaped Lab Rat said...


Good work Eyebleaf! I think we need some more columns, particularly on the Raptors (JO, Jose for the All-Star team, CB4, and Garnett taunting us) and what the Jays should (Milton Bradley?)/shouldn't do (Giambino) this offseason.

eyebleaf said...

They're coming, brother. That damn job keeps getting in the way.

And FUCK Kevin Garnett. What a bitch.

fantasybaseballmacbookpro said...

esacped lab rat - if I am reading your post correctly, are you crazy?!?!?!?! Putting Milton Bradley on the Jays payroll?

First - do you want a player with his personality and temper that could explode and ruin the entire clubhouse at any second?

Second - he had a good year last year but does he really bring the Jays the skills and stats that we need? We need a solid DH not a DL player, which leads to the third point.

Third - If you take a quick look at his career, this guy has played 9 seasons in the bigs. Now, count how many seasons he's played less than 100 games, 6 seasons out of 9. It would be 7 seasons but he reached 101 games in 2003. The guy is a heartbeat away from a DL stint.

Since I heard about the Giambi rumour I have been all for signing him. At least this guy has the history of hitting bombs and driving in guys. Someone that the Jays need. Just have to make sure we sign him to an incentive filled contract.

From my eyes, he should be good for 25HRs and 85-100RBIs.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

You're right--the pick is made more with the heart than the head. The Giambino--I dislike him, but he's a good bat and he's not as injury-prone. But I still dislike him. As for "The Game", he's a good hitter as well--just a mighty injury-prone one. And based on his weekly sports-reel highlights, a bit of a jerk (or just far too emotional, if you wish). Bottom line, it comes down to economics. Giambi is 37, you can't give him top-dollar and multiple years.