February 10, 2009

Best. Celebration. Ever.

I planned to write a post about Nik Antropov, and how Brian Burke is an idiot for publicly saying he's not going to offer him a new contract. Way to go Burke. That's real smart. It should do wonders in terms of trade leverage. But you know what? Fuck it.

One of my homeboys, Karan, a loyal Sports And The City reader who also goes by the monikers "deeismovingbacktotorontoandican'twait" and "deewouldletARodstickhisneedleinhimanyday," sent me the video below. It's straight out of an Indian movie. And it is, without a doubt, the greatest goal celebration I have seen in my 26 years on this here earth.


Epic, wouldn't you agree? It might just be better than the timeless art of the fist pump.

If Jason Blake pulls that one out of his bag of tricks, his number might have to be honoured one day.

Don't thank me. Thank Karan.


woodpeck said...

thank u for making my morning!

Escaped Lab Rat said...

That was an awesome celebration. If somebody pulled that one out in hockey, I guarantee there'd be a huge brawl after the next faceoff.

general borschevsky said...

That is really great. I would love to see the Leafs do something like that.

Scott Baker said...

Don't you mean: "I would love to see the leafs do something like that and then have Don Cherry rant about showboating and grandstanding and you kids out there visor european look at this beautiful boy hard work JUST DON'T DO IT!"?

Anonymous said...

You said it, BEST CELEBRATION EVER. That was awesome. I hate how North American sports organizations are trying to take celebrations out of the game. Sports is supposed to be fun. I mean in the NFL you get a 15 year penalty for celebrating after a touchdown, possibly the STUPIDEST rule ever.