February 13, 2009

Exit Stage Right

It's official. I hate Vesa Toskala. After the Leafs opened the scoring last night in Tampa Bay, Toskala's promiscuous legs opened up, as well. And I don't have to tell you what happened next.

But I will anyway.

Before I could say "What the fuck, Vesa!?!," it was 4-1 Lightning. Four goals in four minutes and 13 seconds. Toskala's night was over, and rightfully so.

Twelve shots. Eight saves. And, for me, a broken heart.

I want Vesa to succeed. I want him to play well. As much as I rail on him, as much as I call him the sluttiest goalie in all the land, I want him to win. I'm a goalie. I hate to see one of my own go through the type of season he's going through. Especially after the effort he gave Toronto last year. 

But I can't support him anymore. Not when he looks completely indifferent, night in and night out, in the crease. It's killing me.

I truly believe that with a goalie who could provide NHL-calibre goaltending, this Leafs team might be fighting for a playoff spot. I know, it's not what's best for the franchise right now, but in my utter and beautiful shortsightedness, I want nothing more than to watch Toronto Maple Leafs playoff action.

I'm done with Vesa. I know I'm giving up on him without much of a fight, but it's over between us. I deserve better. I'm sorry, but there's not much left to look forward to but the day he is no longer wearing the blue and white.

Saturday, Leafs and Penguins. Two words: Pogge time.


Vesa and I are back together. 

Once the emotion subsided, I had a talk with Kimberlass, of the infamous Puck Huffers. She's got a soft spot for Toskala, and she, in her endless wisdom, convinced me that I cannot abandon him in his darkest hour. As a goalie, it's my duty to support him, especially when he's lower than he's ever been.

So, I apologized to Vesa. Things are tough right now, but we have to believe we'll get through it.

Make no mistake about it, though, Vesa slept on the couch last night.


Jaredoflondon said...

this is a prototypical abusive relationship. He's not sorry and he'll just hurt you again!

Stan the Caddy said...

I wondered if you might be hooking up with Cujo on the side after last night's game. Any truth to these rumours?

general borschevsky said...

Hangin' tough. I think come summertime there'll will be a lot of talk about "new directions".

showcase29 said...

It's not his fault that the team doesn't know how to play defence.

eyebleaf said...

@ Jared: You're right. He will hurt me again. But I just can't quit The Vesa.

@ StanTheCaddy: Those rumours are a complete fabrication. Cujo's a cougar, still hanging out at the bar when he knows damn well he should be at home. I'm not at that stage in my life. Not yet, at least.

@ General: The summer can't come soon enough. This is brutal.

@ Showcase: We've been bitching about the defense for the last four years. Was our defense that much better during the Quinn years? I don't think so. We just had a bitching Cujo, and a bitching Eddie. That makes me wonder.