February 11, 2009

Roberto Alomar has AIDS

You can read the story here. There are a couple of links within the story you should check out, as well.

Suddenly, all those "catch the taste!" jokes don't seem so funny anymore.

Honestly, I've got nothing funny, witty, or sarcastic to say about this. Robby was my hero, my idol, my everything, growing up. It's a sad day, and I wish him well in his fight against the disease.

Here's hoping he gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, wearing a Toronto Blue Jays cap of course, before he leaves us for good.

Good luck, Robby.


Mister TVO said...

Alomar played for the Jays, too? This is a sad day for the Oriole franchise, where Alomar is a link to our last playoff teams.

Who gets full-blown AIDS these days anyways? I'm thinking there's more to this story and we'll probably hear it before too long.

Anonymous said...

He was my favorite baseball player as a kid. Hell I always played 2nd base when I played baseball solely because of him. I agree, it is a very sad day.

It would be something to see him in the hall of fame in a Jays cap.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

Absolutely shocking. And I suspect that as more information is leaked, things will only progress from bad to worst. Certainly, these are serious allegations that, should they be substantiated, would definitely affect one's opinion of the most talented Jay of the past.