February 09, 2009

Who gives a shit?

Anyone else sick to death of reading, hearing and talking about Alex Rodriguez's steroid revelation?

Fuck. Enough already. What exactly is so surprising? The guy has always been a $250 million dollar douchebag. Now he's a steroid-using $250 million dollar douchebag. It makes sense. Deal with it, and let's move on.

Honestly, I don't give a damn who it is; a baseball player testing positive for steroids is not news.

Did I mention that A-Rod's a douche?

Yes? Good.


He admitted it. After lying about it for, what, more than a year? What an idiot. Ladies and gentlmen, give it up for Alex Rodriguez, douchebag extraordinaire. Now, get over it.


wrap around curl said...

I wish I could hate A-Rod to death.

Stan the Caddy said...

DJF was right on the money - the steroids thing is far more excusable than his Madonna banging. Bring back Towers to throw at his head this season.

deeismovingbacktotorontoandican'twait said...

Ok, I admit it, I took roids also. I wanted an extra step in my men’s league. being the youngest guy in the league, I couldn't take it that guys in their 40's were blowing by me.

The Ack said...

I'm with you. Who really fucking cares anymore? Like, really? My outrage began and ended with Ben Johnson in Seoul.

But I forgave you, Ben. Arod's crime is unforgivable though. Not the juicing, but his complete douchebaggery of life.

eyebleaf said...

@ Wrap: A-Rod's going to be the focus of much scorn this coming season. As if people needed another reason to hate his ass.

@ Stan the Caddy: Jackie Chiles' reaction to Kramer mentioning "Stan the Caddy" is one of my favourite Seinfeld moments. "THE WHO!?!?" Fucking classic. Your blog is dope.

@ deeismoving...: Your names just keep getting better and better. Just when I think you've plateau'd, you hit me with another gem. And, don't worry, everyone's on the juice. Even in the mens leagues.

@ The Ack: It's amazing that every time an athlete gets busted, it's ground-breaking and earth-shattering news. It's like, fuck off. It's not surprising.

And at least Ben Johnson gave us comedic gold, like those ridiculous "I cheetah all the time" commercials. And he ran a horse. He always made us laugh. He was broke, and just trying to make some money. Good for him. I forgave him too. Because, like you said, he wasn't a douche. He was just a steroid-user. Just like everyone else in that race back in Seoul. He just got caught. So that makes him a stupid steroid-user.

A-Rod is the trifecta. A stupid steroid-user who got caught, denied denied denied, and then admitted it. You were bang on: "complete douchebaggery in life."

showcase29 said...

great pic

deewouldletARodstickhisneedleinhimanyday said...

is that a fuck face pic or cum face?

- Russell Peter

Escaped Lab Rat said...

I can understand all of the steroid taking etc. But you're right, he really is a douche. I don't think I even hate him, I enjoy disliking him. And I am still mildly bitter about the whole "I got it!" stunt he pulled on the basepaths in T.O.