February 12, 2009

Required Reading...

Doug Glanville

Doug Glanville is a former Major League Baseball player. He's also an Ivy League graduate, with a degree in systems engineering from Penn. Needless to say, he's one smart cat.

Glanville has, for the past year or so, been writing a guest Op-Ed for The New York Times. It's dope. You really ought to check out the layout. He sheds light on his time in "the show," and his take on the Alex "Douchebag" Rodriguez clusterfuck was a fantastic read.

I know. A smart and articulate baseball player. Who can read and write. It's weird. But trust me, he's in the Times, so he's the real deal.

I love The New York Times.

Puck Huffers

I stumbled upon Puck Huffers thanks to my good friend Wrap Around Curl. It's arguably been the best thing that's happened to me in the last two months. Yeah, I know, I live a fascinating existence. Fuck off.

Anyway, the blog is run by two sassy ladies - Kimberlass and debrisslide - and they write about the trials and tribulations of their beloved Pittsburgh Penguins, who, somehow, are fighting for their playoff lives. They've only got nine more points than the Leafs, that's how dire the situation is down there.

The game recaps over at Puck Huffers are incredible. As is the "Michel Therrien Radar." The ladies' faith in their shitty team never fades. In a way, they remind me of, well, me. In the younger, more optimistic, never-say-die days of my youth.

Seriously, check 'em out. You can thank me later.

Between Hockey, Football, and Stiletto Shoes and Puck Huffers, I may or may not be becoming a Pittsburgh Penguins fan...

The Humming Giraffe

If you're like me, you've been keeping tabs on Mats Sundin. He's gone, but certainly not forgotten. 

I've been getting my Canucks blogging fix over at The Humming Giraffe, where Alix is falling in love with Mats right in front of our very eyes. Let me tell you, it's a beautiful thing.

It's funny how all that talk about Sundin looking slow out there, and being the root cause of all the Canucks' problems, has come to a screeching halt. With 10 points in twelve games, Mats is looking fine, thank you very much. Training camp? Fuck a training camp.

I'm happy for my boy. I'm not the jealous ex who wants to see his sloppy seconds struggle. No sir, not me. I want to see him fall in love again. I want him to be happy. I want him to win the Stanley Cup.

I want a Canucks jersey.

Pension Plan Puppets

I mentioned Wrap Around Curl above. Well, the rookie Leafs fan has joined the team over at Pension Plan Puppets. Recession? Economic downturn? None of that shit exists over at triple-P. The site continues to grow at alarming, housing bubble-like rates. Good on you, guys. And now, gal. An excellent addition to the team, if I must say so myself.

PPP, ruthless dictator of the website, also joined Stephen Amell on a podcast over at Searching for '93. Have a listen. PPP brings the heat, especially when it comes to the Toronto media.

I'm Keith Hernandez

What do you get when you combine Seinfeld and sports bloggage? I'm Keith Hernandez. If you're addicted to Seinfeld much like I am, there's no way you're not going to enjoy this blog. Check out this post on Kevin Millar, who's now officially a Toronto Blue Jay.

"Cowboy up!"

Oh, God. I just threw up in my mouth.

Ok, that's it. Happy reading. Remember the words of one Billy Madison:

Billy: "Sheesh, what's up her butt?"
Veronica Vaughn: "What was that, Billy?"
Billy: "I said 'Reading is...good!'"


wrap around curl said...

Secretly a Pens fannnnnnnnnn.

eyebleaf said...


Stan the Caddy said...

thanks for the shout out dude - much appreciated. Nice job with your Leafs stuff. Looking forward to your Jays coverage this year too!

showcase29 said...

that Billy Madison video reminds me of Suneil...

eyebleaf said...

@ Stan: It's going to be a beautiful Blue Jays season. We're winning the pennant.

@ Showcase: "T-t-t-t-t-t-t-today, Junior!!!" Adam Sandler has made a lot of garbage movies, but Billy Madison is certainly not one of them.

The Ack said...

fuck off eyebleaf.

oh wait, I mean, some good readin' in the links there. except for the Leafs stuff. YEAH, I SAID IT.

The Ack said...

ps. "winning the pennant" is criminally underused in modern baseball terminology. I'm totally copping that.

eyebleaf said...

@ The Ack: I think that was my first "Fuck off." It's a beautiful thing. I feel like I've arrived. Thank you.

And, don't worry, the Leafs will soon be put out of their misery. And my misery, too. And then it'll only be Blue Jays baseball, baby.

And, yes, I would have to agree; "winning the pennant" is criminally underused. It's always about "winning the division," or "winning the AL East," or "going to the World Series." Fuck that. We're winning the pennant.

Symo said...

Bravo on the Glanville story, that was the point I was trying to make as well.

It IS hard to not like the Pens with all their fun and witty bloggers isn't it?

Mats is Mats, I'll respect him no matter where he plays. Now that jerkoff Pronger will be a douche wherever he plays.