April 24, 2009

Beer and the Blue Jays

Ricky Romero's been placed on the disabled list. Have a beer. To drown your sorrows.

B.J. Ryan joined him. Have a beer. In celebration.

Richard Griffin wrote an interesting and provocative blog post. Have a few. It may never happen again.

We, loyal fans, will only be able to watch an upcoming Blue Jays/Red Sox series on TSN2, which nobody has access to. Drink up. Get mad.

Scott Richmond once again performed yeoman's work on the mound. Six innings, six hits, two earned runs (albeit both on solo home runs), and eight strikeouts. What more can one possibly ask of a fifth starter? Cheers, Scott. With a Canadian lager, of course.

Three more home runs last night. Twenty-eight on the season; the second-highest total in baseball. Chicks dig the long ball. And so do I. Get drunk on that one. 

Scott Downs picked up his first save of 2009. I admit, I was loathe to have him move out of his set-up role. Why mess with a good thing? But he got the job done. Raise your glass in honour of the Jays' new closer. With the game on the line there's no one I trust more with the ball than Snakeface.

In spite of all the second-guessing of The Cito, and in spite of all the injuries, the Jays are still in first place; are still playing .700 baseball. Forget the beer. Believe that the Jays are going to win the pennant.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Great to see Richmond doing well. What is it with Jays' pitchers and injuries, though? If this was TFC, it would be blamed on the turf, but I've never heard that line in baseball...

Scott said...

I'll keep believing, but I choose to do so with beer.

Fuck off TSN2.

Anonymous said...

In Cito we trust.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

Hold on a second. I remember saying BJ Ryan was a liability and you told me I was crazy and that he had not blown many saves.

Now he gets injured and we're supposed to celebrate?

eyebleaf said...

Andrew: The lunatics on the internetz are blaming Brad Arnsberg. Sernity now; insanity later.

Scott: "Fuck off TSN2." Indeed, brother.

PPP: B.J. Ryan was not a liability after the first save he blew. He became a liability after Wednesday night. He became a liability after apparently refusing to pitch middle relief (read Griffin's post). And we're not celebrating his injury. We're celebrating his eventual return to health ...

Anonymous said...

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