April 17, 2009

On Chris Bosh ...

From AltRaps over at uber Toronto Raptors blog Raptors Republic:

[Chris Bosh] finishes the season averaging 20/10, in the company of only two other players in the league, yet the idiots in the peanut gallery want to dump his ass for whatever we can get and make out that he doesn't play with heart. Idiots. 21pts and 19boards against a team that was playing for something. Just smile, Chris...big up yaself.

After perusing the stats, there's only one player in the NBA, other than Toronto's CB4, who definitively averages 20/10: Dwight Howard (20.6/13.8). You might know him as Superman.

Two other guys who just about pull it off: The Big Fundamental himself, Tim Duncan (19.3/10.7). And the pride of the People's Republic of China, Yao Ming (19.7/9.9).

I know what you're thinking. And I agree. Tim Duncan does have the best nickname. Ever.

Anyway, that's some pretty impressive company for Bosh to be in, no?

The season's over. It's decision making time for Bryan Colangelo. He's under the bright spotlights now. Does he get Bosh's autograph on a long-term contract before his deal expires in 2010? Does he bring back Anthony Parker? Shawn Marion? Joey Graham? Pops Mensah-Bonsu? The legendary Jake Voskuhl? What about head coach Jay Triano? Oh, the questions.

If it were up to me, I'd re-sign Marion. The Raptors desperately need his eight rebounds per game. He can't create his own offence, but that's what Jose Calderon is for. You know how I feel about Pops. I'd re-sign AP, too, only because I'm an emotional suck, and only to come off the bench. Joey Graham, good luck and Godspeed. Voskhul's a no brainer; bring him back. What a cheerleader. And I've no idea what to do with Triano. I'll trust Colangelo on that one. 

And you're damned right I'd re-sign Christopher Wesson Bosh to an extension. Or at least try to. If he refuses, then the trade route must be explored. We wouldn't get fair value, no way, but Vince Carter taught me a couple of valuable lessons: one, he's a douchebag; two, this franchise cannot afford to make a trade like his again.

Look, I'm not a fan of Bosh's online habits either, but he brings it on the court, and that's why option number one must be to lock him up. At the end of the day, 20/10 speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...

I was mixed on Bosh all season. I also realized that this is Toronto and it's tradition to turn on our superstars.

Then the story of Bosh's off court problems surfaced. I don't care who you are, that plays on your mind and will effect your performance. As much as Chris may say that it had no effect on his performance, it did. That is some stressful shit to go through for 6 months. He still averaged 20/10.

It wasn't Chris this year, or Jose (who's emotion I absolutely love), or Il Mago (who finally shut up all those moronic, un-educated critics, who don't know how to spell patience). It's the supporting cast.

Marion, as nice as his 8 rebounds a game is, he's not the guy. He does not create his own shot. When teams focus their defense around Bosh & Bargs, you need a swingman that can get the ball and create his own shot by driving to the hole. Marion can't do that. Mind you, if Marion will sign for around 5 mill, by all means you take that, but that will never happen.

I agree with your point about AP. I'd love to sign him, but only if he's coming off the bench. He's not a starter.

Joey G, O'Bryant should be gone. I'd like to ship off Kapono too, sadly he's here for a while with that ridiculous contract.

There is one guy who i'd like to see in a Raps uniform next year. CARLOS DELFINO. No one remembers, last year when Ford was hurt and Jose was the starter, it was Delfino that ran the second unit. We still own his right, and I've heard he wants to come back to the NBA. Brian, bring back Delfino. He immediately improves your bench drastically.

eyebleaf said...

With all that Bosh went through - the losing, the baby mama drama, the bloody losing - 20/10 is all the more impressive.

It's not a problem that Marion can't create his own offence. He couldn't in PHX either, but he and Nash did well. He and Jose can do the same. And, before I forget, there's absolutely NO WAY Marion signs for $5 million. He'll get at least $12-$14 million.

You're right about Kapono. He's here to stay. But I don't quite understand the love-in for Delfino. He's a decent player, but certainly not the answer to what ails this team.

And you didn't even mention Voskuhl, you bastard.

Anonymous said...

I think they can let Parker go. The raps are poised in a position to draft Demar Derozen....they say his play is that of a Vince Carter, and is an amazing physical sepeciman....so if we can land him, Parker Bye Bye.


eyebleaf said...

I have a feeling AP is staying, Bhatti boy. BC loves his character guys, and this team is still pretty young - the core at least (Jose, CB, Mago). AP's leadership off the bench will come in handy. He's good people. I'd rather have him as an option off the bench than Kapono.

Scott said...

You make a good case to lock up Bosh, I'm all for it if we can retain Marion as well. I love AP too, but I think it's time to let him walk for more money. We can replace what he does, and on the cheapy-cheap, no? I love that you're emotional though.

Escaped Lab Rat said...

You guys are right--Bosh isn't the problem, the lack of a guy who can create his own shot is. We'd be a much-better team with that sort of player. With a SG like that, having Marion would be great--but we probably have to sacrifice him to be able to afford personnel at other positions. By the way, Marion isn't getting close to 12-14 million, not with the cap actually going down and revenues flatlining. I like AP as a 6th man as well, and would be all for trading Kapono and bringing back Delfino for the 2nd unit. I'd like to see them sign someone like Joe Johnson, who's free in 2010. And also somebody crazy like Stephen Jackson (minus the awful contract). We're way too soft--been that way ever since Oak left.

bkblades said...

If Delfino comes back to the team, the Raptors still haven't solved any of their problems. All Delfino does is replace Joey G, and even then, Delfino doesn't drive inside anywhere close to Joey G. The lack of interest in Delfino from the rest of the NBA should give us a clue about what other teams think about him.

woodpeck said...

u can't keep the underachievers here even if you have a soft spot for 'em. something has to change. SM is a keeper. AP off the bench is a good idea but it won't happen here.