April 02, 2009

Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers

I don't have much to say. The Toronto Maple Leafs have officially been eliminated from playoff contention. I'm in mourning. Sure, they beat the Flyers, but really, who cares? 

Forty Creek. On the rocks. To celebrate the Leafs' futility, that is the drink of choice. For a few days, at least. (Thanks, Michael Knight; 40, you have to have a glass of this with us.) 

Like my man Brian Burke said, not making the playoffs, low expectations be damned, still feels like a kick to the groin.

How about some music, instead?

Jeru the Damaja's verse, the final one, might be my favourite of all-time. It's that good.

I have faith that Brian Burke will most certainly make sure that playing for the Maple Leafs is "survival of the fittest."

Here's to next year, and making the God damn playoffs.

Bring on them Blue Jays ...


Jaredoflondon said...

I am glad to see my drink recommendations are not going unnoticed

Anonymous said...

Consistency Error. "!!!!1" was not appended to the word "playoffs". The error has been logged. Thanks.

40 said...

Since it's my family's drink, I guess I have to eh!
Next weekend in Vegas!?!? DOOOOOOOOO IT!
Westjet sale!!!

eyebleaf said...

Jared: When you talk, the people listen.

Anon: Thanks for keeping me honest. I'm going to assume that you are indeed Anderson Cooper, and that you, clearly, read this blog daily. Respect, AC.

40: I need to talk to the folks at WestJet and ask them where they are getting their definition for "sale." Because it's wrong. Very, very wrong.

looshV said...

I'm crying.....but this is the first time in a long time I feel really good about the off season. Bring on the Jays...oh god. How many wounds can one man take?, when does my lust for self-mutilation get the best of me? The Jays will hover around .500 if their lucky, which they probably won't be.
BJ Ryan?! How the fuck did we get so shafted with this bullshit?
JP Riccardi?! I'm so sick of that brainless virgin. God he needs to get laid; what a tight-ass. I mean is he easily the most hated GM in baseball?

Parth Pandya said...

Well Burkie just signed Bozak, so be happy we're headed in the right direction!