April 12, 2009

Dead Presidents

Last week, The Tao of Stieb opined on Scott Rolen's choice of intro music.

Now, look, I admit it: I like Coldplay. But "Viva la Vida", while strolling up to the plate? I'm with the Tao; abort mission.

I'm also confident that Rolen's choice of intro music is all I'll be criticizing him for in 2009. The Greatest Blue Jay of All Time is batting .348, after all, and will be instrumental in Toronto's efforts to secure the pennant. Cito's boys are playing .714 baseball; we're well on our way, my friends.

And, no, I still don't want to talk about B.J. Ryan. Look, it's during times like these, when our closer is clearly struggling, that we must rally around him. Have some faith; believe in The Beej. Instead of calling for his head, and for him to be shipped to Vegas, trust that the man who saved 32 games for the Blue Jays last year is going to get his shit worked out. Remember, in Brad Arnsberg we trust. 

On an aside, In Arnsberg We Trust should really be on a t-shirt. I'd buy that. And rock it with pride.

Anyway, while I can criticize Rolen for choosing Coldplay, I wouldn't be able to do the same to someone who walks up to home plate with the following playing on the speakers ...


looshV said...

When do we shoot Brandon League?
Every time I see him out on the mound I'm not impressed. Maybe it's my timing......or maybe it's his? Either way I'm sick of these certain players taking up roster spots, primarily in relief. After v-dub brought us back to life I knew Brandon would choke. And one more thing....when the hell is JP going to wake up and invest in a catcher that can actually throw a runner out. Way too many steals against this team, has been for years.

eyebleaf said...

League was brutal today. Most of the bullpen is struggling right now. I think it's too early to toss aside this pen. It was the best in baseball last year. It can be again.

As for a catcher, Barajas and Barrett is what we've got this season. J.P. Arencibia is our top catching prospect. He may come up this season, depending on how it goes, but look for him to be the starter next season. He's in Vegas right now. And by all accounts, this kid is the real deal.

kushnir said...

i know rios likes his spanish rap, but if he strutted up to some jay-z he might start beating some fools down instead of the hit-and-run's he's been pulling lately

T.O. Sports said...

Now everybody likes a good BJ, but a bad BJ, wait a minute... if you're paying all that money, you better hope for a good BJ! Thats all I'm saying!! I want a good BJ!

eyebleaf said...

Kush: Rios will never abandon his Latino roots. He loves that "Gasolina" shit.

T.O.: Great fuckin comment, dude. Believe in The Beej!