April 14, 2009

I Don't Like To ...

... dump all over Andrew Raycroft. OK, fine, I do. But you know what? I'll never do it again. I'm getting out of that business. More accurately, I've been forced out of that business.

The NHL's regular season is over and, adding insult to the fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs are once again on the outside looking in at the playoffs (!!!!1), Raycrap finished with a save percentage higher than that of Vesa Toskala's; .001 percentage points higher, to be exact.

Oh, the humanity.

It doesn't matter that Raycroft started 27 games compared to Toskala's 53. It doesn't matter that the Colorado Avalanche, as a team, allowed 36 fewer goals than Toronto. It doesn't matter that the Maple Leafs were the worst defensive and penalty killing team in the league.

What matters is that five-on-five Raycroft was better than Toskala, posting a .905 save percentage to Toskala's .903 at even strength. Sure, Toskala's save percentage on the penalty kill was higher than Raycroft's (.841 to .832), but both numbers are downright pathetic, so they cancel each other out.

Ugh. Toskala shouldn't have been playing hurt. Period. No more excuses. I hope he's deeply, deeply ashamed of himself.

The bottom line? Raycroft and Toskala both suck.

That's it, that's all, I'm done. Sorry, Raycroft. I'll see you in hell.

Now, to bring it all back to the title of the post, and to try and erase Raycroft the goalie who shall never again be named from our collective psyches, London, Ontario's own ShadK ...


You'll notice that the comments section has changed around here; no more pop-up window. It's all now done within the post. If you loathe change, let me know; we can always return to the good old days. Your feedback would be appreciated. Remember: without you, there would be no blog.

Well, there would be. But no one would be reading it. And what the fuck's the point of that?


wrap around curl said...

Your poll is missing "abso-fucken-lutely."

general borschevsky said...

Wow. Raycrap can destroy anything, even logical projection. Meanwhile there's no limiting Toskala's ability to disappoint. Mix and stir, and any prediction is bound to miss wildly.

Also, I spoke to Raycrap, he told me "no, you were right, I'm a terrible goaltender", at least, that's what his body language was saying.

This commenting format is nice. I may have to explore this option.

Scott said...

It's painful 'leaf. Much less predictable than Bryan McCabe's great season in Florida.

Nathan aka Carcel Mousineau said...

I like this format. I'm kind of glad now we didn't keep Raycrap. We may have got a worse draft pick ;)

blurr1974 said...

Leave it to Razor, he goes to a team that has a good shot at winning the draft lottery, yet still manages to post better stats than ToskaLOL.

eyebleaf said...

Wrap: That'll be the only option for the "Will the Leafs make the playoffs (!!!!1)?" poll come September.

General: Yes, Raycrap can destroy anything. That's the sad part: Raycrap knows he sucks. The world knows he sucks. But he was still better than our Vesa. For shame. And thanks for the feedback re: the comments. Cheers.

Scott: I got no problems with McCabe. He tried too hard in Toronto. Raycrap didn't try hard enough.

Nathan: Thanks for the feedback, mate. That's two positives on the comments. And I saw the comment you left on another Raycrap post; clearly you hate him as much as I do. It's been fun, all the hating, but this party's over. Raycrap ain't even worth it no more. I'm going to channel all my frustration towards Tosks. If he struggles next year, oh man, it's over.

Blurr: So fuckin' true. This really does confirm Toskala as ToskaLOL.

dani said...

I like Shad.

(Ahem. I posted under the wrong post before... ha.)

eyebleaf said...

No worries, Dani. And Shad's great. Being a local product just makes him that much better. I picked up his album, "The Old Prince," on iTunes. Check it out. Other great tracks are "Now A Daze" and "Brother, Watching." They're on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

While Raycroft may have beaten your goal tender, he even did better then our regular season goalie "Buttdhai", at least Raycroft had a chance to win, but had no D in front of him. He showed some promise. Enjoy your teams up there in Canada, when was the last Championship team to come out of Toronto?? Has it been that long...keepin hoping! one year you will get to party, but not this year! Colorado ROCKS!!

Anonymous said...

Shad is ill. I'm glad i've had the opportunity to work with him.