April 24, 2009

A quote from Michael Barrett ...

"I love playing for Cito."

You and everyone else, Michael. You and everyone else.

And, for the record, I quite enjoy Darrin Fletcher's colour commentary. He's good people.

Pennant. The Toronto Blue Jays are, in all likelihood, winning it.

UPDATE: It really is the Summer of Tallet.

UPDATE #2: The Toronto Blue Jays. DO YOU BELIEVE? (Say it like the annoying Olympics commercial.)

UPDATE #3: Fourteen runs; 21 hits; a 13-5 record. Pinch me.


Ian H. said...

Everyone except for Roger Clemens.

Darrin Fletcher is good people. A nice change of pace from Rance or Pat.

eyebleaf said...

"[Roger Clemens] is an asshole. A complete asshole"
- Cito Gaston

The Cito will destroy Clemens if the two meet again.

Yeah, Darrin Fletcher keeps it real. He's dope.

VDUB said...

I love Tallet's mustache, well groomed.

eyebleaf said...

Tallet's the man. It's his summer. Let's enjoy it.

And you're cool in my books with a screen name like "VDUB," VDUB.

looshV said...

All I can say is.....wow just wow. To quote BB, I think I am living a "drug induced fantasy" except I pinched myself and the hits just kept on coming. And Talle(n)t; oh man what refreshing coolness getting out of that bases loaded situation like that. That simply kicked ass.

Johnny G said...

This game makes me so happy.

Jays = Nailz


eyebleaf said...

Loosh: Hard to believe, but at that time it was 4-0, and Tallet got out of a jam that could have, in one swing, tied the game.

You know, the offence just won't quit. They're making up for the first bullshit half of last season. It's fun to watch.

Johnny: The offence just puts a smile on your face, no? That six run inning, everyone was lacing it down the. Lind, three doubles; this kid is unreal. I love this team.

Andy Mc said...


I have one, major complaint about your attitude.

You keep saying "pennant", which is cool, but you neglect to call for "SERIES", or "WORLD CHAMPS."

This must stop.



eyebleaf said...

Andy, I'm sorry to have disappointed you. Way to call me out, though.

I thought I was jumping the gun and going with PENNANT!!!1 instead of the normal PLAYOFFS!!!1, but I like the way you think.

The Jays are doing BIG things.

twentyfifthhour said...

Let's not forget Aaron Hill will content for the MVP. That's right.

Doc for the Cy Young... Book it.