June 01, 2009

Big Bad Wolfe

I don't know about you, but I don't ever want to see Brian Wolfe - even a blurry Brian Wolfe - again.


I agree with Mike Wilner, Accardo's no "white knight." Not by any means. But surely he's better than Wolfe. And regardless of the role Accardo would play in the bullpen, I want the best arms coming out of left field ...

A 14-15 May is in the books. June will see the Jays play 17 of 27 at home, and finish up interleague play (until the World Series). In July and August, the schedule gets AL East heavy; 71% of games in July, and 77% of games in August, will be against divisional opponents.

June just might be where this race is won. Who better to kick it off than Roy Halladay?

It's going to be a marvelous summer.


William said...

It will be a fascinating summer for sure. The AL East race is wide open and any two of the three teams of New York, Boston and Toronto can make the playoffs. One team will be left out. Time will tell on who it will be. Cito Gaston is the Toronto advantage. But will the pitching hold up?

eyebleaf said...

I'm more concerned about the hitting than the pitching. We've got depth, in terms of sheer number of arms. What we don't have is a legit clean-up hitter. Vernon Wells needs to step up in June. The Jays need a big month, I'm talking 17 or 18 wins, before we take on the evil empires.

Zack said...

So I was surfing through the box score for game three, and it said at 30,000 people or so, the Rogers Centre was like 61.6% full. As much as I'd like to believe otherwise, I doubt the Argos are filling it all the way up, so what exactly fills the Rogers Centre?

Ian H. said...

I want to see Jeremy back just as much as you eyeB, but Wilner's point is that Wolfe can pitch 2-3 innings whereas Accardo can pitch one inning at the most.

We need to make a "FREE ACCARDO" T-Shirt!